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how do stars form

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guildford public

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of how do stars form

star information
Next the stars in heaven may be also appear to be the different colors because the temperatures are not all the same .The hot stars are white or blue and has the cooler stars to be appear to have a orange or red hues.
why do stars form
stars form in the nebulae when the dense and enough amount of matter and comes together. stars process of the converting hydrogen and the other light elements. The gravity of this process called nucler and fusion causes. The mass to the form into the spinning and sphere with the material trailing around it to form a disk.
how do stars form
Stars are formed in clouds of dust and gas in space but because the clouds become unstable and star to collapse .The material in the center begins to heat up from the pressure and this is what eventually become the stars.
steps of a star

Firstly stars go through many steps before they are .It takes hydrogen molecules billions of year to come together into a protostar ,the protostar then spends about 100,000 years next stars tend to form in groups due to star .
The stars a most widely recognized astronomical objects represent most fundamental building blocks of galaxies. People and stars are born and grow old and die. The birth places are huge and cold clouds and gas and dust. Most famous of these is Orion Nebulous and which is just the visible with a unaided of the eye. The stars of cosmic energy engines produce a heat and light and ultraviolet rays and x-rays and other forms of the radiation.
why are stars born
The stars are born with the cloud and dust and scatter throughout most galaxies.The familiar example of such as the dust clouds and the Orion Nebula revealed

How long does it take a star to form
stars take 100,000 year to get together some of the stars have always stood out of the rest of them .The brightness is a factor of how much of the energy they put out which is called the luminosity .
The biggest stars
The biggest stars are known as a red super giants .The star Betelgeuse (which is in the constellation Orion) is one. If you plopped Betelgeuse into the middle of our solar system. It would fill it out to be roughly the orbit of Jupiter! red super grants are about 400 times larger than the sun. That would be 300 million and miles across which is over 3 the distance between Earth and the sun
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