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I am One of the Mountain People

No description

judefe Pablo

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of I am One of the Mountain People

by:Krisly Ria Paez & Judemae N.Pablo
I am One of the
Mountain People

Who is Macario D. Tiu?
-He is a famous English and
Visayan story primarily fiction
in verse
-He is a professor of Ateneo de Davao University
-His famous works were
-He also received several awards like the well-known Palaca awards

by: Macario D. Tiu
-a Lumad boy
- a seven years old boy
- an obedient son
-a proud of and loyal to his
roots,being a Lumad
-a Lumad boy who is the same age as the main character
-he is trained to be a warrior
-resolves conflict through violent means
* the boy
*Ita Magdum
-the father of the main character
-the datu of the tribe
-resolves conflict through peaceful means
-Santa Barbara

-the green area
Against his will,the boy is being brought to Santa Barbara by Ita Magdum,his father,to study in a Christian school.
As the boy attended Christian school,he experienced being ridiculed by his classmates.
After his graduation in grade six,he had a vacation in his hometown as a gift from Ita Magdum
His desire to go home became intense.When his father,together with Isog,visited him,Isog told him that his people were massacred by the Christians.
The boy decided to leave the Christian school and go home.
He pierced his earlobes with a needle.
The boy ran away from Santa barbara.
Rising Actions
Falling action
Point of View
1st Person narrator
Mountain people suffer discrimination
Minor conflict
The boy,belonging to a Lumad group,suffers discrimination
man vs. Himself
The boy does not want to study in a Christian school;he faces the dilemma of wether he would obey his father or stay the highland and become his people
Thank you :*
MLS - 2C
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