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Functions of Human Resources

No description

Serena Solano

on 17 July 2014

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Transcript of Functions of Human Resources

Recruitment & staffing
Functions of Human Resources
Job Applications,cover letter and resume

- Application used to apply for a position.
-Points out strengths and abilities to the employer to ensure that you are fit for the job.
-Overall just introduces yourself to the employer.
Interview process
Sourcing and networking
Background check,drug test,credit check
-process that employer makes you go through to see if you are fit for the job
-Gives you a chance to make a good impression and to point out key aspects of yourself.
What is the cost invested into hiring?
-Gaining a professional connection with someone else.
-Networking will help you in the future when looking for a job.
Functions of Employee Relation
Employee Assistance Program
Employee Incident Report
The need for effective employee relations relative to the labor union today?
Onboarding process
Professional and skills training
Safety Training
Harassment Training
Track and cut paychecks
Monitor VAC,sick and personal days
Imputs and updates personnel files/employee new hire information
What are considered voluntary and involuntary deductibles on a paycheck?
-To verify that you come from a clean background and wont have a problem with any narcotics.
-credit check is to see if you are capable of being responsible with yourself let alone other people or a business.
- to boost employee moral
- to know that the job will be completed
- to have assurance that everyone knows how to do their job.
- Spend less time rehiring and training someone else.
The cost invested is the:
background check
drug test
any training needed for the job.
Training needed to assure that you know what to do if ever in need or in a dangerous situation.
-How to deal with a situation if you ever feel harassed in a workplace environment.
-To prevent any harassment situations
Why is employee training crucial to a business
-To know that employees are prepared in any situation.
- Can't get sued because you offered the needed training.
-Process in which you train employees to acquire the necessary knowledge.
-Formal meetings, lectures, videos, printed materials, or computer-based orientations to introduce newcomers to their new jobs and organizations are part of this process
-Training needed for a certain profession.
- Teaches you a certain skill needed to do your job.
-Keeps track of hours or salary.
- Totals amount owed
- Cuts paycheck for employees

-Days taken off for vacation
-Days off for being sick.
-Personal days are days off for personal reasons such as appointments or nonessential responsibilities
To update personal files and enter new employee files.
To keep track of employee files

Voluntary - medical insurance, health insurance, dental, vision insurance and 401(k).
Program provided for employees in certain situations.
Offers therapy or specific need of assistance.
Every case is different and origanal.
Needed to avoid lawsuits for unfair and unequal treatment to employees
Effective employee relations will boost employee moral thus creating a more stable working environment.
Incident reported that was on a on the job incident.
Have to be reported or the business can get sued.
Its a specific application to fill out and report.
Required Benefits
PDL- time off for being pregnant and to start raising your child
FMLA-time off to attend a family situation
Disability Leave- time off due to work related incident that caused a disability
Domestic Violence Leave -time off to handle domestic situations
School Activities Leave -time off to attend childrens school activities
Jury/Witness Duty Leave-time off to attend jury duty
Military Service Leave-guaranteed job when you get back from the military.
Victims of Violent Crime Leave-time off to work through being a victim
Volunteer Civil Service Leave-
Voting Leave- time off to be able to go and vote
Optional Benefits
Vacation- time off to go on a vacation
Holidays-time off to celebrate a holiday
Floating holidays and Personal days -- days off from the year before
Sick Leave -time off to recover from being sick
Paid time off- getting paid on your days off
Compensatory Time off- time off with a hour to hour pay
Bereavement Leave- time off to mourn of a love one
Personal Leave of Absence- being absent for a personal reason.
Involuntary-federal taxes, state taxes, and state disability insurance
In charge of establishing and overseeing policies.
Responsible for education and training.
Dealing with workplace disputes.
To establish communication throughout the company.
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