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Robotics Engineer

No description

Surya Mantha

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Robotics Engineer

Knowledge, Training,
and Skills Needed
Manufacturing Robotics Engineer
Designing and fabrication of robot parts
Mechanical Engineering skills
Machine Skills
Motor Skills

User Interface development
Software Programming
Low Salary per year:49,140
Average Salary per year: $94,310
High Salary per year: $144,000
Average amount according to other jobs

***Salary will vary based on education, experience, industry,
company size, and location.
By: Surya Mantha
Melonee Wise
Steve Cousins
Brian Gerkey
Ryan Calo
Cynthia Breazeal
Andy Rubin
Robotics Engineer
Recommended Schools
UC Berkeley
John Hopkins University
Colorado School of Mines
Stanford University
University of Southern California
Columbia University
Washington University in St. Louis
Georgia Tech
Carnegie Mellon University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Yale University
Cornell University
Harvard University
What is
Robotics Engineering?
Robotics Engineer Population
The science and technology of designing, building, researching and recording data, and using robots in various applications in which humans are unable/prefer not to do themselves.
There is mechanical aspect where the parts of the robot are designed and fabricated.
There is the software aspect of it where the interface, communication, and thinking is designed and incorporated into the robot.
There is the application aspect of it where the combination of the mechanical and software areas are combined for the final use.
Application areas include medical, military, civilian, scientific, etc.
By 2018, about 50,200 jobs will be opened
By 2022, 5-8% of the world will have occupations as Robotics Engineers. It is about 1% now (as of 2014).
One of the jobs with the highest outlook

As technology evolves, Robotics Engineers will tend to move into the new areas being made.
Chart of Robotics Engineers Population
Population of future robotics Engineers based on current population
Fastest Job Growth Outlook
Application Developers
Software Engineers
Artistic ability
Education Requirements
One of the following

Bachelor's Degree
Masters Degree
Doctor's Degree
Associate's Degree

Companies with Robotics Engineer Jobs
Jet Propulsion Labs
John Deere
General Motors
Barrett Technology
Black-I Robotics
Road Map to Become a
Robotics Engineer
Take advanced math and science courses in high school.
Earn college degree and keep interest by building models.
Complete an internship
Find the right job
Short Version

Robot Fun Facts
Elektro was the very first humanoid robot. It spoke over 700 words, was 7 ft,and was debuted in 1939. Elektro also appeared in its own movie in 1960.
The first known robot homocide occured in 1981, when a robotic arm crushed a Japanese Kawasaki factory worker.
Leonardo Da Vinci drew plans for an armored humanoid robot in 1495. An engineer named Mark Rosheim had created a miniture version of it for NASA to help create a colony on Mars.
There are currently over 4000 robots in the US military. This includes Talon bots that scout for roadside bombs across Iraq. Pac bots were used to find Osama Bin Ladin's hideout in Afghanistan, but were unsuccessful.

Archytas of Tarentum, a friend of Plato, built a mechanical bird driven by a jet of steam/compressed air. It is argued to be his first robot... in the 5th century B.C.
The most known robots are Star Wars's R2DR and C3PO
R.O.B ( Robotic Operating Buddy)
Bomb Detecting Military Robot
Medical Helping Robot Arm
Amazon Droid
Packbot used in Afghanistan
Elektro the Robot
Colombia University
Stanford University
Chart based on 2010, but salary is not planned on changing in future
(money per year)
OSHbot ( Lowe's newest assistant)
*** Robotics Engineers work at a normal desk, but then move to a larger lab to build robots.
Surgical Robot in Space Ship
Marc Raibert
Colin Angle
Rodney Brooks
Raj Reddy
Vijay Kumar
Reid Simmons
Henrik Christensen
Daniela Rus
Gill Pratt
For more information on these famous engineers, visit

Cybernetics professor Kevin Warwick calls himself the world's very first cyborg because of the computer chips placed in his left arm. He can remotely operate doors, his artificial hand, and his electronic wheelchair.
All three jobs require robotics training
Robotics Engineers tend to stay in their own field
Famous Robotics Engineers
Associated Careers
Job fields chosen based on the purpose of the robot
being built.
The main purpose of a robotics engineer is to creatrobots to make jobs and lives of all people safer, easier, and more effieient.
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