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90's fashion

No description

Ashley Hull

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of 90's fashion

1990's History of Fashion Mid -Late 90's Early 90's Grunge 1990 Style Prep Style icons Bright & Baggy PopBamds Comparisons Princess Diana 90's & The Modern Nowadays many trends and pieces from the 90's have resurfaced. Such as :

Classic Blazer -Plaid/Flannel
Denim Jackets
Trench coats
Doc Martens
Platform shoes Spice Girls
Backstreet Boys
Vitamin C Naomi Cambell
Kate Moss
Cindy Crawford
Winona Ryder
Johnny Depp The era that had a little more pep in their step. This style consisted of a School girl look with it's Tartan mini skirts, classic blazers, puff sleeves, baby doll dresses, high socks and Mary janes. "Clueless" A teen comedy film played a big part in this look. Patterns and a few bright colors made an appearance as well as shoulder pads, yarn sweaters, trousers and trench coats. Nirvana and Courtney Love was just the start to Cool Grunge, the look consisted of band t-shirts, plaid shirts, ripped jeans or torn tights, black leather jackets, thrift shop clothes and clunky ankle boots. And thus began the "I just rolled out of bed." look. Body piercings always became very popular in this time. The 90's fashion style listed of categories such as Cool Grundge, Prep and Bright & Baggy. The 90's was the era of body piercings, layers, torn jeans and thrift. During the 90's there were some styles back from the 70's and 80's that made a reappearance. Be prepared to go through one of the coolest decades of popbands, neon colors and platform shoes. Flannel shirts
ripped jeans
baggy bottoms
band shirts Laced boots
leather The tittle pretty much says it all but to go more in depth Bright and Baggy did include garment that were in fact bright and baggy. Denim was very popular as well. Bright and baggy has a similar style to the grunge with the baggy looks and layers but this style had more color. Styles such as :
Baggy overalls
denim shirts and jackets
colored tights
neon colors
quirky patterns
shoulder pads
ski pants
flannel shirts
Cropped shirts
button downs This also included a look known as the "Hiphop fashion" Which consisted of Gold jewelry in different sizes, jerseys carpenter jeans and track suits.
Celebrities like Salt & Pepper Made Long big gold earrings very popular. Hip-Hop Naomi Campbell Winona Ryder Kate Moss Johnny Depp Cindy CrawFord 1961-1997 Married the prince of Wales.
A very unqiue royal
Known for her kind heart
Fashion icon
Her two sons William & Harry
Divorced AUgust 28th 1996
Death car crash
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