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Egyptian Industrialization

No description

Rachel Kelley

on 13 March 2015

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Transcript of Egyptian Industrialization

Egyptian Industrialization
Government and Rulers in the Beginning
-By the early 1800s the people of Egypt lived under Ottoman- Turkish rule for centuries
-The Mamluk regime ruled as a vassal of Ottoman sultans
Westernization on Government and Military
-Napoleon's invasion to Egypt in 1798
-Ruler Muhammad Ali enforced western military strategies, import of western goods, and attempts to reform
Embracing Industrialization
Egypt didn't embrace the industrial revolution at the same time Europe did because it was an agricultural economy and it exported its raw materials.
Their motivation for industrialization was because they lagged behind other countries in having goods to export or to use at home
-had agricultural products consisting mainly of cotton
-Egypt had to import almost all finished goods
People and Revolts
-the people were dependent on cotton exports.
-the landlord class began to grow while the pesant class went hungry.

-the Madist revolt occured in sudan the 1820's
Ways Industrialism changed economy and social structures
-Egyptian peasantry imported Western arms and modernized the military
-adopted Estern tactics and modes of organization and supply.
-Muhammad Ali introduced reforms such as the increase of the production of cotton, indigo, and other crops
-reformed education
Important People, Events, and Changes

-cotton export and production was dependent on exports mainly to Europe
-Muhammad Ali and Mahdi are the most important during this time period

-Egyptians wanted to build an indutrial sector through cotton textile factories
-Muhhammad Ali's descendants known as khedives
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