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MRMS Discipline for Students

No description

brian goins

on 19 August 2015

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Transcript of MRMS Discipline for Students

MRMS Mustang Discipline
Discipline @ MRMS
After School Detention
Assigned for tardy’s, multiple Level 1 infractions, and any Level 2 infraction.
ASD will be held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 2:30-3:30 pm in F116.
If you are picked up late, you will be sent to aftercare at the daily charge rate.
Failure to serve ASD will lead to a referral to administration.
After 1 or more ASDs each nine weeks, the next step is a referral.

Eberlin - Pink Hall (7/8 C4)
Goins - Blue Hall (6th Grade)
Cook - Green Hall (7/8)
• Multiple Level 1’s (> 3 per quarter)
• Failure to serve LD
• Pushing/Shoving/Slap/Kick/ Horseplay
• Off Limits Area/No Hall Pass
• Intentional Lying/Forgery
• Public Display of affection (kissing on the face)
• Inappropriate language/gestures (of a sexual nature toward another student)
• Profanity (intentional toward another student)
• Leaving Class without Permission (Level 2 Removal)
• Major Disruptions (Level 2 Removal)

Level 2 Infractions
Level 2 Procedures
Level 2 Procedures
1.Student commits Level 2 offense.
2.Teacher issues ASD.
3.Student behavior continues, student commits another Level 2 offense (such as disrespect after receiving ASD), or student tries to initiate a power struggle.
4.Teacher may call for a Level 2 removal for remainder of the period.
5.Administration conferences with students and removes student for remainder of the period.
6.Teacher contacts parent regarding student's behavior and the ASD issued.
Level 2 Procedures
For Level 2 offenses, 1 ASD per teacher per semester, then consequences increase to a referral.

In a class period, if issuing an ASD does not correct the behavior, the student may need to be removed for the remainder of the period. Again, instead of heightening consequences and entangling in a power struggle, use the Level 2 removal.

Level 3 Infractions
Automatic Referral & Removal
Tardy 1 – Warning w/ Parent Contact
Tardy 2 – Warning w/Parent Contact
Tardy 3 – Lunch Detention
Tardy 4 – ASD w/ Parent Contact
Tardy 5 – ASD w/ Parent Contact
Tardy 6 & above – Referral to Administration

*Tardies start over each semester

MRMS Tardy Policy
For Level 1 offenses, 2 lunch detentions per teacher each semester, then consequences increase to ASD. Failure to serve LD will result in an ASD.

1 Infractions
Level 1 Procedures
Level 3 Infractions could result in a suspension or Recommendation for Expulsion.
Uniform Discipline
Discipline Matrix
Discipline Signals
Tardy Policy
Areas of Focus
To implement a school-wide positive behavior support program to decrease the number of discipline infractions in three areas of focus.

Non-compliance/Power Struggles
Classroom Disruptions
Overall Discipline Goals
Clear & Uniform Discipline System
Effective Language for Communicating
Predictable and Efficient Experiences & Routines
• Rough Play/Running
• Selling unauthorized materials (confiscate)
• Public Display of affection (hand holding, hugging, etc.)
• Failure to follow directions.
• Disrespect to Peers
• Minor disruptions (talking, blurting out, passing notes, etc.)
• Minor disrespect & non-compliance (negative attitude, sucking teeth, minimal talking back)
• Profanity (non-intentional)

1. On the first occurrence, provide a warning and state the correct action/result.
2. On the second occurrence, conference with the student, provide positive practice of pro-social behavior, and parent contact. The teacher may need to send student out for a teacher time out or Level One administrative time out.
3. Once the parent has been contacted, the teacher should issue a lunch detention for the Level One infraction. After issuing student consequence, if student commits another Level 1 offense (such as sucking teeth or negative attitude, continuing the previous behavior, or trying to initiate a power struggle), the teacher should not engage in a power struggle but send the student out for a teacher time out or Level 1 time out.
4. Parents should be contacted anytime a student is sent out for a Level 1 cool down or timeout. Parents should also be notified for each Lunch Detention. The better the communication between the teacher and parent, the better the chances in increasing positive student behavior.

On the first occurrence of a Level 2 offense, an ASD may be given and a Level 2 removal may be initiated (if teaching/learning cannot be seamlessly continued).

• Multiple Level 2’s (2nd or more per quarter)
• Failure to serve ASD
• Cutting Class
• Vandalism/theft
• Tampering with Fire Alarm
• Fighting
• Abusive/profane/obscene language/gestures to faculty/staff
• Threatening, intimidating, harassment
• Being in unsupervised areas with member of opposite sex
• Inappropriate sexual conduct
• Possession, use, or transfer of tobacco or lighters.
• Possession, use, or transfer of fireworks, explosives, or stink bombs
• Possession, use, or transfer of alcohol/drugs/weapons

MRMS Signals

When a student is disrupting your class and you need the student removed, the summit signals will be used by all teachers.

1 Finger - Timeout: Student needs a time out and he/she can come back in 5 minutes, and the teacher will conference with the student and/or issue LD. Removal: Administration is called, student is removed for the remainder of class, and the teacher will issue LD.

2 Fingers - Out for the rest of the period, and the classroom teacher will call the parent and give ASD.

3 Fingers - Out for the rest of the period, and a discipline referral will follow.
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