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YouTube in Prezi when OFFLINE

How to insert YouTube videos in a Prezi that you want to run COMPLETELY OFFLINE (no internet connection)

Dennis Colby

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of YouTube in Prezi when OFFLINE

Websense BLOCKS my
YouTube videos ! This is a "live" YouTube video that is playing from the Internet This is a COPY of the same video. It is playing directly from prezi Test your connection Good Connection? Poor Connection? This is what the two screens SHOULD look like when your computer DOES have access to YouTube videos. This is what the two screens look like when your computer does NOT have access to YouTube videos. Click the "play" button on both
videos to test your connection. How to run YouTube videos from PREZI when your computer does not have access to YouTube My school BLOCKS
YouTube Videos! Notice how this frame is blank with no "play" button Steps to take First, download a YouTube video to your computer Second, upload your YouTube video to prezi.com Finally, download your completed prezi onto your computer (1) Install "YouTube Downloader" (2) Use Downloader to copy YouTube video to your computer (1) Load File (2) locate folder on your computer (3) select your downloaded YouTube file (.flv extension) (A) Google "cnet youtube downloader" (B) Download the installation file and run it (A) Locate a YouTube video using search (B) Copy the URL of the video (step not shown) (C) Run YouTube Downloader (D) PASTE the URL here (E) Click Download (F) Your .flv file should be saved (note its folder location for later) (1) While running the prezi file, slect "Download" from the side-bar. (2) Choose "Export" then click "Download" (3) Open the .zip folder that you downloaded.
(or SAVE the folder and copy it to another computer) (4) click on "prezi.exe" (5) "Extract all" Extracted Folder opens (6) click on the new "prezi.exe" to run your presentation Note: This first step must be done from a computer that CAN access YouTube Note: You only have to do this step if you want to run the prezitation anywhere without internet access. (Without this step you should already be able to run the prezitation directly from your classroom as long as it has internet access.)
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