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Jenna Acord

on 16 September 2012

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Transcript of Australopithecus

By :Jenna ,Riley, Philip ,Noah AUSTRALOPITHECUS What tools did they use?
They didn't use tools they did not make them because they didn't have knolage to make tools. They had mainly a plant-based diet, including leaves, fruit, seeds, roots, nuts, and insects… and probably the occasional small vertebrates, like lizards. Diet fossils! Tools What all did they eat? Australopithecus were found in East Africa Shelter How did they get their food? Was fire a tool? Were they able to start fires?NO, and they could not controll it. They mostly gathered food and killed a lizard once in a while. The Australopithecus did not make their shelter.They lived in caves. ` They didn't have a language. The earliest language scientists have found was developed in a Homo sapiens species. Did they have language? Culture Did they have any form of written communication? Since the Australopithecus lived in B.C.E. times, they didn’t have any writing. The Australopithecus didn’t communicate in any language. They only grunted and snorted. But even though they grunted and snorted, they didn’t really communicate with one another. Describe any art they may have created..a river stone, which looks like a humanoid head, was found at an Australopithecus living site. this was not an artifact, but a natural object. however, it must have been carried a considerable way. this is the earliest known example of 'found art', and shows that these early hominids had some aesthetic sensibilities. Describe any art they may have created Did they have any form of religion? The Australopithecines did not have religion or ceremonies. The earliest evidence for brain development sufficient to allow symbolic behaviour and these kind of behaviours is associated with Neanderthal which appeared 600,000 years after the last Australopithecines disappeared. Time period 6.5million years ago. What was the latest they were around? What was the earliest date they were around?6.5million years ago
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