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Women's workplace and wages in the 1920s-30s

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mykala johnson

on 2 September 2015

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Transcript of Women's workplace and wages in the 1920s-30s

Women's Workplace and Wages in the 1920s-30s
By: Mykala Johnson
Society's response
Society in general still expected married women to stay at home instead of working.

Working women were typically viewed negatively because men believed women were stealing their jobs.

This viewpoint got worse during the Great Depression.
The average annual pay for women in 1937 was $525, and for men it was $1,027.

Today that would be the equivalent of $8,700.34 for women and $17,019.53 for men.

During the Great Depression wages dropped leaving many women unable to meet basic expenses.
Who Worked
Only 10% of married white women worked outside of their homes during the 1920s.

Single women and black women were more likely to work than married women.

Why they worked
Many women who worked in the 1920 worked to help support their families or escape poverty.

Some worked because they liked the freedom and because they wanted to make lives for themselves.
Where they worked
Some women worked as teachers, social workers, nurses, and librarians.

Due to the increase of corporations during the time period many women were able to get jobs in factories

Some also worked in department stores, writing, dancing, acting, and in singing.
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