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Syrian Refugee Crisis

No description

Amanda H.

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of Syrian Refugee Crisis

Syrian Refugee Crisis
By: Dharma, Anayudit, Amanda, and Maia
Research Summary
- in 2011, a few teenagers painted revolutionary slogans on a school wall in Syria
- the Syrians saw what was happening and many began protesting and eventually becoming violent
- the government fought back, using force and violence
- a civil war was started
- the peace in Syria has been disrupted, including the factors of a well functioning government, acceptance of the rights of others, and good relations with neighboring countries
- the civil war in Syria is causing refugees to flee the country
- neighboring countries are becoming overpopulated, low on resources, and low on funding
- war is destroying the country of Syria and some surrounding countries
- millions are being killed due to malnurishment, violence, and more
- the countries are pleading for help from other parts of the world and no one is answering them
The Problem
Our public policy to restore the peace in Syria:
- use a humanitarian approach
- send in some specialized troops to put an end to the violence
- raise money and awareness to the issues going on in Syria
- help the neighboring countries of Syria by getting them out of debt and rebuilding their supply of resources
- rebuild the destructed cities in Syria
- reunite people with their families and bring them home
Our Solution
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The Cause
- the crisis began 4 years ago when a civil war arose in Syria
- over 220,000 deaths
- 1 million people injured
- 11.4 million people have been displaced
- refugees risk their lives escaping the country for a better life
- the neighboring countries including Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey becoming more populated with refugees
- refugee camps have little funding and poor conditions
- other countries throughout the world, including the United States, are not supporting them
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