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US History - 23.1 - A New Deal Fights the Depression

USH 23.1


on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of US History - 23.1 - A New Deal Fights the Depression

Section I - A New Deal
Fights the Depression
Electing Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Democrats nominate NY governor Franklin Delano Roosevelt
reform-minded; projects friendliness, confidence
Democrats overwhelmingly win presidency, Senate, House
Waiting for Roosevelt to Take Over
With “Brain Trust,” FDR formulates policies to alleviate problems
New Deal—relief for needy, economic recovery, financial reform
3 General Goals of the New Deal:
1. Relief for the Needy
2. Economic Recovery
3. Financial Reform
AKA: The 3 R's:
The Hundred Days
The Hundred Days
FDR launches Hundred Days; passes over 15 major New Deal laws
Emergency Banking Relief Act permits Treasury Dept. to inspect banks
decides which are insolvent, sound, or need loans
public confidence in banks revived
Fireside Chats
An Important Fireside Chat
FDR gives fireside chats—radio talks explaining New Deal measures
First chat discusses need for public support of government, banks
Regulating Banking and Finance
Regulating Banking and Finance
Glass-Steagall Act establishes Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
insures individual bank accounts, regulates banking practices
Federal Securities Act—companies must give all information on stocks
Hoped to restore public confidence in the stock market
Securities and Exchange Commission created to regulate stock market
FDR gets law allowing production of some alcoholic beverages
21st Amendment repeals prohibition by end of 1933
Rural Assistance
Rural Assistance
Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA)
Paid farmers to grow less food
raises food prices, lowers supply
Tennessee Valley Authority
creates jobs renovating, building dams
Planned to create prosperity in the impoverished Tennessee Valley Region
Helping the America People
Providing Work Projects
Civilian Conservation Corps
public works jobs for young men
Reduced unemployment
Public Works Administration
money to states to create jobs
Hoped to reduce unemployment
Civil Works Administration
Provided 4 million immediate jobs
builds rural schools, pays teachers
Promoting Fair Practices
NIRA establishes codes of fair practice for industries
creates National Recovery Administration (NRA)
NRA sets standards, prices, limits production
Food, Clothing, and Shelter
Home Owners Loan Corporation
gives loans to prevent foreclosures
Helped families keep their homes
Federal Housing Administration gives loans for mortgages, repairs
Federal Emergency Relief Administration
direct relief to needy
To provide for the basic needs of the people hardest hit by the depression

The New Deal Comes Under Attack
Opposition to the New Deal
Deficit spending—spending more money than government takes in
funds New Deal
Liberals: New Deal does not do enough to help poor, fix economy
Conservatives: New Deal used to control business, socialize economy
The Supreme Court Reacts
Supreme Court strikes down NIRA, AAA as unconstitutional
FDR proposes “Court-packing bill”; Congress, press protest
Starting in 1937, justices retire; FDR appoints seven new ones
Three Fiery Critics
Some conservative opponents form American Liberty League
Think measures violate respect for personal rights, property
Father Charles Coughlin withdraws initial support of New Deal
wants guaranteed income, banks nationalized
Dr. Francis Townsend devises pension plan for elderly
Presidential hopeful, Senator Huey Long has popular social program
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