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Origins, Purpose & Destiny

religion and ethics assignment

kiara watson

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Origins, Purpose & Destiny

By Kiara Watson Origins, Purpose & Destiny Origins "With the advance of the exact science of human genetics, one such key issue presents itself. Christians hold to the biblical assertion that people are created by God in his own image (Gen.1:26-27; 9:6; James 3:9). Purpose how did i come to be here? Many people have speculations as to why we are here. For me I believe that we come from an unknown source something far greater than the speculations of science. For many years now, a lot of scientists, christians and other religions have argued; stating that their attitudes and beliefs towards the origins of man kind are right. this has then kindled a large feud between them. this fight of proving where we have come from has stretched for many years. Although no one for certain knows, there are a lot of accusations thrown out there. how did i come to be here ? Theologically we are creatures who share vital characteristics with God. But it is now clear that we must hold this conviction together with the sure knowledge that we are an evolved species. in terms of the science scriptures, we have evolved from apes.
- Wiki Answers 2012 why am i here? For what am i responsible for? What is my life purpose and destiny? Destiny how do my views align with other understandings of origin, purpose and destiny? Origins Purpose Destiny Christianity Aboriginal Spirituality Buddhism Aboriginal spirituality Buddhism Christianity Aboriginal Spirituality Buddhism Christianity - Has a creator who's actions created the world. - Adam and Eve started the evolution of man kind. - Genesis is the story of the evolution in the bible. - - purpose is to be the image of God - love other's as you love yourself - guide the universe on a daily basis - Once living God's image to the best of your abilities its believed that we are rewarded with eternal life. - Heaven and Hell Ancestors were spirits -'spirits' being of their family groups which are unique to the area to which they belong. -Every Aboriginal Tribe is different, each have their own ways and teachings, yet all believe they came from their spirits. - the first beings were described as without having any form, shape, name or sex. - That there was no intervention from Gods. - Buddhist believe, the first beings fed on the oceans surface and gradually increase into solidarity and soon they became people. -'the dreaming' - Their purpose is to follow the path of their ancestors by following the drawings that are marked on either rocks, paintings etc. - Their connection towards the land, gives them meaning and purpose. They understand and respect it. -Buddhism, the primary purpose of life is to end suffering. The Buddha taught that humans suffer because we continually strive after things that do not give lasting happiness. -The Buddha taught the "Four Noble Truths," which form the foundation of belief for all branches of Buddhism:

1.All of life is marked by suffering.
2.Suffering is caused by desire and attachment.
3.Suffering can be stopped.
4.The way to end suffering is to follow the Noble Eightfold Path. -their spirits return through the land. -Once deceased, they leave a marking/drawing promising their tribe and people that they will guide and look after them. - Buddhist believe in re creation. - According to the Buddha, man kinds destiny is neither controlled by God nor predetermined nor by accident. However, the Buddha did say Karma is a primary cause of present life. Or to a certain extent, you may say that it is Karma that determines life or destiny. The meaning of life and its purpose as to why we are here is a philosophic question. The meaning of life is deeply entrenched through the way a person directs their life and how they go about it. To me bringing good will, being just and to live simply is how I want to perceive my life and how I want to go about it. Christianity is a religion in which people are part of the divine plan; but people are also considered to be unique individuals who need to develop and follow a moral code which is prescribed by God. " But for This very purpose have I let you live, that I might show you MY power, and that MY name may be declared throughout all the earth."-Exodus 9:16 For myself, i believe that my purpose in life is to follow in Jesus' way. To help those who are less fortunate as others and to bring a right way of life. My views align with the understandings and teachings of Judaism and Christianity as both have similar teachings as a way of life. My purpose in life is to become successful and fulfill life to its fullest.
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