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Interior Design

No description

Marcos Arevalo

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Interior Design

Principles of Design
Good Design Transcends Time
Form Follows Function
Form does NOT follow function. The shape does not serve the purpose of sitting.
Form Follows Function - Chair which has great dimensions and can actually be used as a chair. The arms, the legs, the opening in the front is perfect.

Florence Chair-Florence Knoll.
Created in 1954.
Also an example of timeless design.
Little Tulip Chair
Designed by Pierre Paulin in 1965. The back and the arms open like a flower blooming.
Little Tulip Chair
Today's "Little Tulip Chair". Great for modern or traditional space.
Good Furniture Proportion
Varick Dining Chair - Inspired by Modloft
Golden Rectangle
Golden Ratio Spiral Acrylic on Canvas Painting - Maya B
Golden Mean
Wainscoating Article - Bruno Romano
Good Scale in a room:
The sectional sofa, wide table, the massive mirror on the wall, and the dramatic chandeliers contrasts perfectly with one another. Therefore, the furniture and décor is scaled appropriately for this spacious livingroom.
Small Room:
Small room: Open from the bottom sofa, table, chairs, and the small table lamps are scaled perfectly according to the small size of the room.
Small Pattern: Medium: Large:
The small patterns on the sofa and the pillows are appropriate and not ovelapping, but intermingle nicely in the small room.

In this medium sized room the patterned leopard print chair boldly adds a flair of character that embellishes the size of this room design.
The high ceiling and longated windows allows the natural lightening, and the outdoors is the backdrop that accentuates grandeur of space. The sofa and chairs with bold gold patterns are center staged, and the coffee table serves as on ornament, which aligns beautifully in the large room.
Variety is displayed as a low key feature by the accent of two plants in this bedroom; however, it is still very harmonious. The size of the furniture goes well with the medium size room. The purplish colored walls is well coordinated along with the gold, black, and beige colored furniture and accessories. Overall, everything works well together.
This room is simple and harmonious with exception of a couple of the items that add variety to the style. The color yellow and white is repeated, which emphasizes the sofa, chair, mirror, rug, and table. The room separators are yellow and white with no pattern of any kind. The variety comes from the black print on the throw pillow and the solid black pillow on the chair.
The Varick dining chair has slim legs that match the straight sleek back of the chair. The sizes of each part of the chair compliments each other giving it the ideal proportion.
The white wainscoat in this room is one third of the wall coming up from the wood floors. Making it the golden mean of the room. The painted walls are two thirds of the whole wall itself. The wainscoat makes a beautiful statement in this room.
Gradation can be seen through colors as well as through the sizes of pillows from descending order.
Repetition is seen in this room through
ceiling design, lighting, and furniture.
The informal design of the fireplaces weight and height is the center point, which enhances the matching chairs, and formed chaise sofa. The variance of each object draws together compatability, flow, and balance.

Circles are used and blended into opposite halves, oval, and a complete circle. The water and fire brings a dramatic effect in a illustrative motion. The design serves as calming elements that compliments and transcends in appearance to the ocean.

The formal design reflects identical wall unit left and right, the matching sofas, chairs, lamp tables, lamps, and pillows integrated with alternating colors. The atmosphere is orderly and structured, but also an invitation to socialize in comfort.

Entering this room, one can see the transitional movement from the right bottom corner swooping around the room in a spiral like motion.
In this room there is oppositional colors brown & red/ as well as in sizes between small chairs & large sofa.
The fireplace serves as the focal point of the room. Catches your attention as you walk into the room.
http://assets.papernstitchblog.com.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/009 PrivatApartment Bergroth-1100x733.jpg
http://lainteriordec.wikispaces.com/file/view/bonus rowe.jpg/95934040/bonus rowe.jp
By: Gwendolyn Kelsey
Andrea Hamm
Marcos Arevalo
Savleen Kaur
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