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Mise en Scene

No description

Louise Campbell

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Mise en Scene

What is Mise en Scène?
It is a French expression meaning 'things put into the scene'.
What sort of things do film makers put into their scenes?
See if you can identify five...
Can you explain what Mise en Scène is?

Can you give examples of Mise en Scène?

Can you recognise the importance of aspects of Mise en Scène in a film sequence?
Why does Mise en Scène matter?
Everything put into the scene has a purpose. It carries information that is helpful for making sense of the world you are looking at. In the same way that a writer describes the time, place, characters and things that make their fictional world come to life, so the film-maker does with Mise en Scène.
Let's put it all together....
What examples of Mise en Scene can you identify in the following clip?

Why does each element matter?
Learning Intentions

1. Understand what Mise en Scène is.
2. Be able to identify examples of Mise en Scène.
3. Explain why Mise en Scène is important.
Mise en Scène
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