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10 chrysalids quotes

10 quotes from the chrysalids.

Anna Diederichs

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of 10 chrysalids quotes

10 Chrysalids Quotes. “Clearly there must be a mistake somewhere. Surely having one very small toe extra -- well, two very small toes, because I supposed there would be one to match on the other foot -- surely that couldn't be enough to make her 'hateful in the sight of God . . .'?” - chapter 1

- I chose this quote because it proved to me that others agree with me that small flaws or differences don't matter. Flaws shouldn't mean you are considered "hateful in the sight of God". Flaws are a part of life and even God or the image of God its self is flawed. When I did succeed in getting the foot free, it looked queer; I mean, it was all twisted and puffy -- I didn't even notice then that it had more than the usual number of toes." - chapter 1

I chose this quote because when I read it, I realized flaws aren't always noticable. They don't have to be huge or stand out alot to exist. Flaws are what makes us human. Without them, the human race would be boring, aswell as fake. "There were no sleeves, but what struck me most was that it bore no cross. I had never before been face to face with a woman who wore no protective
cross stitched to her dress. It looked queer, almost indecent." - chapter 15

- I chose this quote because it showed me that religion can have a huge impact on first impressions and how others are viewed as well as how a person interprets another for the first time. If the other person doesn't appear to value the same religion as you, it can come off offensive or "indecent" as David said. Although it shouldn't matter what religion, race or what beliefs you have, people today continue to judge a person based on their religion. "Knowing makes all the difference. Knowing that we're not just
pointless freaks -- a few bewildered deviations hoping to save
their own skins. It's the difference between just trying to keep alive,
and having something to live for."- chapter 17

- I chose this quote because while reading this, I realized that having something to live for is much more rewarding than just living, or trying to keep alive. In the Chrysalid's case, the reason they have something to live for is because they want to show the world that deviations are what make people stand out from the world and the ones with differences can have positive effects on aspects of life around them. In my case, I realized that inorder to make a difference I need to have something to live for, not just live in gerneal. for example, I want to make poverty less of an issue in the world so instead of sitting back and just living my normal life, I need to get out and be more intouch with issues of poverty. I can't set a goal such as this without planning on motivating myself to do so. This would give me something to live for rather than just living. "Sometime there will come a day when we ourselves shall have to give place to a new thing. Very certainly we shall struggle against the inevitable just as these remnants of the Old People do. We shall try with all our strength to grind it back into the earth from which it is emerging, for treachery to one's own species must always seem a crime. We shall force it to prove itself, and when it does, we shall go; as, by the same process, these are going" - chapter 17

- I chose this quote because it describes clearly the fact that all things come to an end. If we didn't replace things with tnew things or replace old ideas with new ones, we would never become any smarter or learn anything new. The same goes for species. If new human races or new species weren't introduced, we would never have the oppertunity to evolve and grow. This quote describes the process of evoulution well and states why things come and go; so that they may serve their impact on the world, then go, leaving the rest of the world wit new knowladge and expirience. “Still, our whole consideration if we were to survive must be to keep our true selves hidden: to walk, talk, and live indistinguishably from other people. We had a gift, a sense which, Michael complained bitterly, should have been a blessing, but was little better than a curse. The stupidest norm was happier; he could feel that he belonged. We did not, and because we did not, we had no positive – we were condemned to negatives, to not revealing ourselves, to not speaking when we would, to not using what we knew, to not being found out – to a life of perpetual deception, concealment, and lying”- pg. 86

- I chose this quote because it showed me the positive and negitive effects of havign to deal with a flaw or difference such as David's. David's ability could be viewed as either a very negative thing or a very positive thing. Most of the people in the town of Waknuk or in surrounding towns viewed the ability as negitive and they weren't open to discovering the positive impacts David and the other Chrysalids could make on the world. Since the Chrysalids weren't given a chance to prove how their powers could be used in a useful way since they knew they'd be punished for it, they were always in hiding. They were forced into silence of what they were capable of. They weren't allowed to be the best they could be. I don't think they should've been punished for an ability that they didn't decide on having, or for being different. I think discrimination against flawed people or people with differences occurs much too often. Differences can be used as an advantage and may have postivie effects on the world, we just neeed to give them a chance. "No, what makes a man, man is mind; it's not a thing, it’s a quality, and minds aren’t all the same value; they’re better or worse, and the better they are, the more they mean” - pg. 80

- I chose this quote because when Uncle Axel tells this to David, he 'hits the nail on the head' when he describes mind as a quality not a thing and how all mids are different. People aren't born with smart minds, state of mind is something that progresses over time and becomes influenced by things around it. A man isn't a man without his mind, people think different things, people believe in different things, and society runs off of all different minds with different views on belief and value. You are normally valued more in society if you have a 'better' mind. If your smart, likely your life with turn out better than someone who's not. If you develope your mind, you open up more possiblities for your life as well as improve life for, not only yourself, but for others too. “You start asking yourself: well, what real evidence have we got about the true image? You find that the Bible doesn’t say anything to contradict the people of that time being like us, but on the other hand, it doesn’t give any definition of Man, either. No, the definition comes from Nicholson’s Repentances – and he admits that he was writing some generations after Tribulation came, so you find yourself wondering whether he knew he was in the true image, or whether he only thought he was …” - pg. 63

- I chose this quote because it talks about what the 'image of God' really is. This reminded me of how people talk about looking perfect or being a perfect person, nowadays. As described in this quote, who really knows what the true image is, what evidence is there that the true image is deviation-free? The same goes for modern day society constantly striving fro perfetion. Who says perfect doesn't have flaws, and why do people seem to think perfection comes from looking or acting flawless? Perfection can have flaws, perfection is flaws. If you were flawless, you couldn't be considered perfect since you would become imperfect when compared to the flawed-rest of the world. "In my experience," he told me, "if you run away from a thing just because you don't like it, you don't like what you find either. Now, running to a thing, that's a different matter, but what would you want to run to?'' - chapter 7

I chose this quote because it made me realize that most of the time, when you think your life is harsh, or you think somethings bad and that it would be better somewhere else, you're wrong. There are cases where you may be right but in reality, most of the time we think things may be easier or better somewhere esle becasue we aren't thankful for what we have. It's a different story if you know that life somewhere else is better. If your just running away from your problems because you don't want to face them and deal with them, your problems aren't going to ever get solved and running away from them won't solve the problem, infact, it'll likely make the problem(s) you have worse. If your running because you know there is something better out there, than nothing should stop you from making a better life for yourself. We should be more appreciaive of what we have and when considering leaving what we have behind, we should compare sinerios of running from your problems and running to a new life. “The essential quality of life is living; the essential quality of living is change; change is evolution: and we are part of it” -pg.196

- I chose this quote because it shows the importance of evolution and how life is full of suprises such as change and evolution. It doesn't matter how we live our lives, or what our quality of life is, change is going to happen, and that is something we are going to have to deal with. Without change, we wouldn't be able to evolve and transform ideas to make for better life quality, which stated above, is change. It's a never ending cycle with an outcome of change, hopefully change for the better. When changes in life occur, we can't stop it, we need to keep in mind that when we change, it will result in sucess down the road, since change is evolutionary. By: Anna Diederichs
english 9-5
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