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Transportation Technology

Tech B P1

Jenna Jenna

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of Transportation Technology

In This Case...
Through Technology
-Back up Technology for better safety
The GPS has developed over the last few years. Rather than buying a separate GPS, they come with most cars.
What is Transportation?
The Travels Of Transportation
How Does Transportation Affect Us Today?
Transportation technology enables a faster way to travel
Transportation creates an easier way to get around
What is being done to improve this technology?
Essential Question
Why is the development of new technologies in these areas important to the world?
What will be needed 5 to 10 years from now?

"We will need cars that run on a different power source other than gasoline such as solar power and electricity."

"Hovering cars and boat-like cars aren't necessarily needed. Hovering cars would definitely be cool. Boat-like cars or fully water proof cars would enable you to drive under water and it would not ruin your car during heavy floods."

"We will need faster airplanes,earth friendly fuel and safer mechanisms for transportation."
What are the plans or prototypes of technology in transportation?
What are these new prototypes?
-the act of moving someone or something from one place to another over short or long distances
Being able to call through the car to communicate with friends or relatives instead of using a phone while driving.
Many equipment and tools have evolved over the last five years
Crash Avoidance Technology was developed to prevent accidents in transportation and protect everyone in the car and around the car.
-The plan is to improve the technology for better transportation.
-Corporations have been investing billions of dollars to improve technology in transportation
-By improving alternative resources such as solar power, electricity, etc.
Transportation is...
-Automobile companies are working hard to have an alternative fuel source due to the high fuel costs and harmful effects on the Earth
Without technology, it would be a difficult task to get from place to place.
-The new prototypes people are working on today are vehicles called PHEV. PHEV stands for "Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle" which are vehicles that can be powered by either electricity or gasoline.
-New safety technology to avoid any hazardous events during travel.
-This is a diagram of a PHEV
-Inventors are working around the world such as Gregory Winfree, the Administrator of the Dept. of Transportation Research and Innovative Technology Administration
-Winfree said to Fox News that "New technologies have the potential to make roads and transit systems safer, greener and more efficient."
- Being able to call, broadcast weather and have a wireless connection are all being introduced into cars.
compared to the first transportation technologies invented, these new technologies allow us to travel from one place to another as quickly as possible
Transportation has developed an efficient & safer way to travel
when the first type of technology was invented, safety mechanisms were created to provide protection in case of accidents.

We will need faster airplanes, another fuel supply that doesn't pollute, such as solar power cars and finally, floating cars."
By: Jenna, Ben, Tiffany, and Keigo
How is it Powered?
-People are now making better transportation which means they need a new alternative resource.
-Gasoline is great to power vehicles but there are new resources such as electricity and solar power.


What is Transportation?
-These new resources are much better than gasoline and longer lasting.
Music from Itunes "Going Mobile" by The Who
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