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kris cal

on 18 June 2012

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Transcript of Earthquakes

Slide 1: Title Page

Slide 2: Table of Contents
Slide 3: What is an Earthquake
Slide 4: Conditions
Slide 5: How is it Formed
Slide 6: Image of Earthquake Distruction
Slide 7: Location
Slide 8: Video of Earthquake
Slide 9: Impact of Earthquakes
Slide 10: Before and after pictures
Slide 11: Earthquake Video
Slide12: Technology to predict an earthquake
Slide 13: How to prepare
Slide 14: Significant Occurrences
Slide 15: Recent Earthquakes
Slide 16: Bibliography
How an earthquake is formed
earthquakes are formed by stress in the earths outer layer
What is an earthquake
due to this rocks slip or collide against each other causing friction that builds until there is a release of energy
-this is the ring of fire
-it is the most common area of earthquakes in the world
- a few countries are in the ring of fire including Chile, Mexcio, Japan and the Philippines
Earthquake Impact
How to prepare
-the biggest earthquake ever recorded was near Valdivia in Puerto Montt, Chile on May 22, 1960. It was known as the "Great Chilean Earthquake"
Most Significant Occurrences
Mosts significant earthquakes
Recent earthquakes
-During an earthquake you have to take cover, if you are indoors take cover under heavy furniture or under an interior wall
-If you are outside get away from buldings and trees
-earthquakes can kill people, they also distroy homes, business and roads
-many times the communication systems are distroyed as well
-earthquakes have a large impact on the environment as well, sometimes rivers disappear or cities can flood
-earthquakes can cause landslides, tsunamis and tidal waves
earthquake cloud
Technology for earthquakes
-use of the Richter scale
-now use Moment Magnitude scale
-both measure the power of
earthquakesthe moment they happ
-higher number is a larger quake
Valdivia, Chile-9.5
Alaska, USA-9.2
Sumatra, Indonesia-9.2
Kamchatka, Russia-9.2
Pacific Ocean,Japan-9.0
Ontario, Canada-5.0
-Buildings these days are made with earthqakes in mind, the way they are built and the materials used
-They first test bulidings on a shake
table in a lab
-the earthquake that killed the most people was in 1556 in Shanxi, China, 860 000 people were killed
Scholastic Science Reader: Earthquakes, M. Fields & D. Heiligman
Earthquakes and Volcanoes, Reader's Diget Staff
Disasters!, T. Conklin
Recent Earthquakes
On April 17, 2012 there were 35 earthquakes around the world.
2.5 in the British Virgin Islands
6.8 Papua New Guinea
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