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Nikola Tesla

No description

Eric Bowden

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Nikola Tesla

His fields of interest
Inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist.
Nikola Tesla
Born in Smiljan, Croatia on July 10, 1856
Attended Graz University of Technology
Tesla died on January 7, 1943 from coronary thrombosis
His ashes are in The Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Serbia
The spark that started it all
Nikola Tesla read many books in his father's library and his mother made an electronic egg beater that got him hooked on mechanical inventions which may have led him to go on to create many amazing inventions.
Nikola Tesla
A person who invents something like a process or a machine.
Why I chose Nikola

Although I identify Nikola Tesla as a caucasian male, I wanted to see a different story that is not like the others.
Unlocking the powers of
Electricty was something everyone was trying to understand.
Nikola Tesla created the Induction motor, Alternating current(AC), Neon lamp, Remote control, and Tesla coil.
The challenges Nikola Tesla faced
One of the biggest problems Nikola Tesla faced was Thomas Edison.
Tesla faced another challenge as well. He had obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) which made him very unstable, have weird phobias, and do weird things.
Context of Time
Christianity was growing in the 1900s but Nikola Tesla had his own philosophy even though his father was a clergyman.
He did not have a political view.
World War 1, bubonic plague, and influenza were all around at the time of his work.
His work also started the modern era.
Mark Twain, Joseph Jefferson, and Robert Underwood Johnson were all his friends.
Nikola Tesla's race or gender did not impact his pursuits in delivering electricity to people.
Nikola Tesla had to deal with obesessive compulsive disorder.
In some people's eyes Nikola Tesla never fully succeded.
We can all learn something from this!
Wyatt (friend)
Tesla Motors has developed a fully electric car that uses the same AC motor taken directly from Nikola Tesla's original 1882 design!
132 years later, do you think he succeeded?
The Tesla coil is still trying to be understood today.
Duka Tesla, his mother, made home appliances and tools and Milutin Tesla, his father, was a clergyman.
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