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Dark Triad Presentation

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Phil Sokoloff

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of Dark Triad Presentation

The Dark Triad
What is The Dark Triad
A set of 3 personality traits considered "dark and socially destructive" (Arvan)
Correlation Between Sales People and Dark Triad Traits
Depends on the organization's structure
Loosely structured- High Machiavellian traits
Tightly structured- Low Machiavellian traits
Loosely Structured
Sales people tend to manipulate other to “win”
Tightly Structured
Sales people stay within the constraints of the system
High "Mach"
Is pragmatic
Maintains emotional distance
Believes ends justify means
“If it works use it”
Aggressive and counterproductive
Manipulating others
Example of The Correlation
Loosely structured organization
Retail (Sports Authority)
Tightly Structured organization
Brokers (strict rules and regulations)
and How it Effects Organizational Employees
Individuals tend to be callous, selfish, and malevolent (O'Boyle)
Is it good or bad to have these traits?
Narcissism traits
Grandiose sense of self importance
Requires admiration
Sense of entitlement
Higher levels of..
Job engagement
Overall life satisfaction
The 3 Traits Are...
Correlation Between Employees and Narcissism
“I can do anything I set my mind to”

Endorse items on a measure of power and influence
People see me as a forceful and powerful person.
I usually know how to get what I want.
When I'm in charge, people jump when I say jump.
Examples of the Correlation
Does it work to be a jerk?
Study of narcissism in a workplace
Reach leadership posts but no correlation to their success
Very good short-term situations
Meeting people for the first time.
Impression created quickly falls apart
Neither! Must come in the right doses
Emotionally shallow, parasitic lifestyles
Callousness, emotionally cold, unsentimental
Lack of concern for other people
“Looking out for myself”
Attracted to money, power and prestige
Selfish motivation
Negative influence on productivity
Prosper in a business setting if work involves a focus on achievement

Higher Attractiveness to Psychopathy
Finance, insurance, banking, communication
Less Attractiveness to Psychopathy
Retail, wholesale, transport, agriculture
Walter White (
Breaking Bad
Jordan Belfort
(Wolf of Wall Street)
Charles Manson
Cult Leader/Murderer
Closing Statements &
Interesting Facts
Male and Female Differences
Men have higher scores all around with dark triad traits (Arvan)
Job Niches
Aversion to artistic & social vocations
Artistic and social vocations
Realistic vocations
Toxic or Not
Manipulation correlation (Jonason)
Soft vs Hard Tactics
Machiavellian & Narcissistic more likely to use "soft tactics"
Psychopath more likely to use "hard tactics"
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Gable, M., & Hollon, C. (1992). Managerial structuring of work as a moderator of the Machiavellianism and job performance.. Journal Of Psychology, 126(3), 317.

American Psycho
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