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Field Observation

No description

Sarah Rogers

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Field Observation

Field Observation Sarah Rogers Hillary Hipp Pegasus Farm Rape Crisis Affiliated with Red Cross Issues Facing Pegasus Farm Money Horses Very Expensive Get Hurt Easily Need to be Specially Trained History Rape Crisis was founded for child and adult victims in 1975. "The Center's goal was to ensure that victims of sexual violence would have a responsive medical community, sensitive law inforcement officials, and [an] active prosecution system." Mission Rape Crisis Pegasus Farm Kim Kroh Karen Layton Issues $89 per hour but with scholarships and financial aid
clients only pay $25. "The goal of this program is to give information on Rape Crisis Services,
what rape is, how to prevent it, and what to do if rape occurs. Financing Rape Crisis and Red Cross rely solely on grants and donations. Victims of Crime Act Grant (VOCA) Kim Kroh is the only counselor at the Stark County Branch of Rape Crisis. It takes a certain type of person to volunteer their time and energy to help victims. Kim Kroh has worked with ages 3 to 65. The youngest she currently works with is six years old. The Victims: The most difficult clients to work with are those who were abused as children, but don't seek help until adulthood. Children are the "easiest", they don't need as much counseling, and the sessions are always pretty short. Services Provided: Pam Cupari Careful Kids Cautious Teens Self esteem Sexual harassment Assertiveness Training Date Rape Prevention Rape Overview Preschool to 4th Grade High School, College, Adult 5th to 8th Grades Teens, Adults Middle school, high school, college, adult Adaptable to any age group Adaptable to any age group Other Services Date Rape Prevention Sexual Assault Prevention Rape Crisis Awareness Project Short-Term Counseling Services Support Hospital Support Court Support Police Support Victim Compensation Sweatsuit Project Work with survivors and co-survivors of sexual assault and abuse. Volunteers go to the hospital with a bag. This bag contains a sweater, sweatpants, and a care package of disposable toiletries such as a toothbrush, soap, mouthwash, and others. She has been working with Red Cross / Rape Crisis for the past ten years.
"It's a very rewarding experience," she says, helping people heal and return to regular lives. Established in 1985 in Hartville, OH Sits on 120 Acres with 40 Trained Therapy Horses Multiple outdoor arenas and one indoor arena. Over 300 Volunteers and 12 Part-time Employees Mission: "To maximize the potential of persons with disabilities to become independant, well-rounded, self confident individuals..." Services Provides physical and emotional benefits Therapeutic riding and horsemanship Unified Valting program Veterans Program Team Evaluation of Field Visits Pegasus Farm Fantastic reputation. Dedicated and determined staff. Rape Crisis works miracles as well, with again, a very dedicated and determined staff (made up mostly of volunteers). Similarities: Dedicated staffs Strong support from the community It takes a certain type of person to work with the disabled, or the abused Both places help "Victims" Made up mostly by volunteers Differences: Pegasus Farm Rape Crisis Victims of Abuse Victims of Nature Services are free of charge Low percentage fee required Wide range in ages. Caters mostly to children and teens
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