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Harmonizing Advising Efforts to Support International Students in their Job Search

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Christina Khan

on 28 March 2015

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Transcript of Harmonizing Advising Efforts to Support International Students in their Job Search

Harmonizing Advising Efforts to Support International Students in their Job Search
:Association of International Educators
Annual Conference & Expo
San Diego, CA
May 29, 2014

Christina Khan (Presentation Chair)
Assistant Dean & Director of International Student Services, Colgate University
Vera Chapman
Associate Director for Career Development, Colgate University
Gabriela Lozanova
Admission Counselor and Academic Advisor
SUNY Onondaga Community College
Megan McCarthy
Program Manager for Global Engagement,
The Ohio State University
Anna Bahvala
Assistant Director of Student Employment
The University of Akron
Career and academic development
Job search process
Navigating job market
International Offices
Time constraints of staff
Seen as "magical solution"
Career advising
Career Services Offices
Tight job market.
Graduate employment rate.
“Frequent flyers”
Lack of knowledge about immigration & issues specific to international students
No collaboration with the International office
Advising Tips
Chickering & Reisser (1993)

Career Development Needs
Work experience
Job-search skills
Career planning & preparation
Tips for Advising International Students
Examine all services and interventions through a cultural lens
Focus on strengths
Offer networking advice and opportunities
Encourage extra-curricular activities
Place career concerns in global context
Don't assume
Show how it's done
The Academic
Ties in-class learning with career advising and planning
Not a career adviser but knowledgeable about career options
Tips for Academic Advisers
Be part of internationalization efforts
Advocate for international students
Show interest in student as a person
Share knowledge with other advisers
Career Advice for International Students
Step 1: Identify Employers
Target job vacancies
Target specific companies / organizations
Target networking contacts
Step 2: Prepare Application Materials
International student selling points
Writing a US Resume
Writing a US Cover Letter
Step 3: Make Contact
and Follow Up
Directness in communication
Step 4: Interview
and Follow Up
US standards of professionalism & communication
Self-promotion & confidence
Be succinct and direct
Know self / organization / position
Thank you notes
Disclosing Status
Be upfront
Address in-person
Educate employers
"Petition" instead of "sponsorship"
Prepare a "Plan B"
Employment outside of US
New degree program
Practical Application
Best Practices
Web content
International student peer advisers
Regular meetings with Career Center and International Office staff
"Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations."

-Steve Jobs
Pinpoint person who specializes in advising international students
Focus on advising team and team lead (usually Director or Associate Director)
Start the conversation
"All lasting business is built on friendship."

-Alfred A. Montapert
photo source: jobsearch.about.com/
What has worked at Colgate University?
What has worked at SUNY Onondaga Community College?
What has worked at The University of Akron?
photo source: glassdoor.com
photo source: colgate.edu
What has worked at The Ohio State University?
photo source: osu.edu
Photo source: sunyocc.edu
photo source: careeredge.bc.edu
photo source: englishandculture.com
Academic Advisers
faculty adviser vs. administrative adviser
student expectations
time constraints
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