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No description

Mena Taleb

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of Tecumseh

Tecumseh 1768-1813 Tecumseh's Birth Tecumseh's Remembrance THE END The Tecumseh Stone Thank you for watching Near the Ohio Valley Born in 1768 His father fought in the seven Years of War Greenville treaty Many Indian Leaders signed the treaty of Greenville except...... TECUMSEH He believed that the land belonged to all Indians That signing the treaty with the Americans would mean giving it up The Americans expanded in Aboriginals territory and also destroyed their land they settled in Prophet's Town Finally... Tecumseh's dream was all the Aboriginals to UNITE AND... his tribe to live in Prophet's Town forever After the Seven Years of war His father was killed by the Americans loss of his father at this age made him strongly dislike them BUT... Their settlement didn't last long He needed to go south and he kept his brother in Charge but he didn't listen and claimed that the nations are strong about 257 Aboriginals were killed and Prophet's town was destroyed THREE Months later..... returned to find a broken dream He didn't rebuild his confederacy In 1812,When America declared war on Britian At the Fort of Detroit, Tecumseh's excellent plan worked At the battle of Queenston Heights,General Brock was killed and after him came General Henry Procter Tecumseh didn't have the same working relation with Procter as he did with Brock as they both disagreed over fighting tactics Tecumseh moved his men inorder to meet Procter again on October 5,1813 harrison and his army crossed into upper Canadaand won a decisive victory over the British Tecumseh was killed Even after their LOYALTY and great help and support to Britian they were not included in the Treaty And after him came one sister and two brothers including Tenskwatawa who is known as the PROPHET BY:Mena Taleb The war of 1812 ended with the Treaty of Ghent He warned his brother not to attack until the Nations are strong Tecumseh needed to go south and he kept his brother in charge He joined the British to protect his people not the british presence in British North America He decided to join the British At the battle of Thames procter failed to appear After Tecumseh's death the shawnee tribe got seperated and some of them moved to a reservation in Kensas He participated in many battles such as the Fort of Detroit,Queenston Heights and Thames He fought along with General Isaac Brock and they shared the fighting tactics BUT...... He tried to solve the problems between him and the American GeneralHarrison but Harrison insisted for war Tecumseh had a great impact on the war of 1812 becuase if Tecumseh and his men support the the British today Canda wouldn't be Canda instead it would be part of the U.S.A
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