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Assignment 1

Jacob Park

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of TBWA

TBWA is private owned, independent advertising agency launched in 1970.
It is first found in Paris, France in 1970
Headquarter is now in the Midtown Manhattan New York City
TBWA was purchased by the Omnicom Group in 1993
During the 1990s, Omnicom merged TBWA with other top creative agencies including Chiat/Day and Hunt Lascaris
Offices in 16 cities around the world TBWA? Application promotion William G. Tragos A St. Louis-born American of Greek descent who spoke five languages and was known for his strong, blustering personal style, had been Young & Rubicam's general manager in the Paris office FOUNDERS Claude Bonnange A Frenchman who specialized in marketing research Uli Wiesendanger A Swiss citizen who headed up the creative end of the business Paolo Ajroldi Italian man who was put in charge of account management in the new enterprise TBWA means... The name TBWA is created with the combination of these founders last names Emphasis The founders hoped to tap 'the richness of different cultures, the healthy frictions and the thrust that comes from diversity'
Quote "We started out our company ... with the crazy idea that because we were from different nationalities, and because we had all worked internationally, that we would develop the first advertising agency born international,"
The idea was that this was not going to be an American advertising agency, but an agency made up of three Europeans and an American and would expand internationally
They focused on being an international based advising agency Their portfolio TBWA picked up an unknown Swedish vodka with a small advertising budget as a client Admiring the package's simple lines, the art director at the time "Geoff Hayes" sketched a halo and angel's wings superimposed on a bottle of the liquor and labeled his rendering 'Absolut Perfection.' This led to several other visual puns based around the bottle, with two-word headlines.
In 1980 Hayes' drawing, minus the wings, became the first ad in a series that would continue for more than ten years ABSOLUT VODKA campaign became one of the best-known advertising campaigns around the world.

By using more than one media sources, it also became transmedia narrative, which attracted people around the world over times. Billboard ads Television ad Facebook promotion Youtube promotion Delivering the audience a form of narrative using different media becomes one of the most effective transmedia narrative just like examples shown

In my opinion, this ABSOLUT VODKA advertising campaign is very effective giving audience a sense of storytelling using various media formats not only for the audience to be interacted within the media but also delivering its own USP to the audiences

Just like the recent campaign called 'ABSOLUT VODKA's 'Unique' which can be promoted through television, radio, online, social network, magazine, billboard, application and so on. ABSOLUT VODKA have done a great job promoting their brand, product and USP through transmedia Recent campaign Recent campaign
Absolut Vodka's 'Unique'

Company Releases 4 Million One-Of-A-Kind Bottles
Created 4 million uniquely-decorated bottles for sale in global travel retail markets, or duty free shops
Spirits Business website writes that the bottles feature artwork was created with splash guns, 38 colors, 51 pattern types and computerized pattern algorithms to achieve total randomness
The company estimates that it would take 94 quintillion bottles before two similar ones are created

From "The Huffington Post" Thank you
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