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I02 Unit 6 H.E.R.

No description


on 4 March 2017

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Transcript of I02 Unit 6 H.E.R.

FIFA organizes the World Cup.
The World Cup is organized by FIFA.
Scar killed Mufasa.
Mufasa was killed by Scar.
Science is taught to the students everyday.
He teaches science to the students everyday.
The cake was made yesterday.
They made the cake yesterday.
Nissan sells the Skyline GTR all over the world.
The Skyline GTR is sold all over the world.
The famous man was interviewed last week.
The talk show hosts interviewed the famous man last week.
What are your favorite products or services?
Would you buy any of use any of them?
You have just listened to commercials for four different products.
Do you agree with the advice given for small businesses?
Is advertising necessary?
There are many different types of advertising, which method do you think is best?
Why or why not?
He failed the exam, although he studied for two weeks.
He didn’t pass the exam because he didn’t study.
He didn’t pass his exam, so he’s going to study all week.
I’m going to the movies, although I have homework to do.
I’m going to the movies because I have no homework.
I have no homework, so I’m going to the movies.
Even though he is tired, he still came to class.
He worked until late last night, so he fell asleep in class today.
He fell asleep in class because he worked until late last night.
I’m teaching grammar today, although there are no students.
I’m going home because there’s no one in class.
There’s no one in class, so I’m going home.
She is crying for her dog, even though it died two years ago.
Her dog died, so she cried.
She cried because her dog died.
I’m going to the park because it’s very sunny today.
It’s very sunny today, so I’m going to the park.
Although it’s sunny today, I don’t want to go to the park.
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