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Wings of Fire

No description

Sarah Conley

on 13 October 2014

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Transcript of Wings of Fire

Wings of Fire
One of the dragonets of destiny and is very stubborn and bossy around her friends. She is the daughter of Queen Coral and her father Gill. She has two little sister Anemone and Auklet She is a talented fighter with a determined attitude. She killed her father Gill while prisoner in Queen Scarlet's arena, but was unaware he was her father ; it was a fight to the death. She saved Auklet when she was still in an egg . She is unable to use the Seawing language aquatic. Is believed to have a relationship with Riptide.
Is Tsunami's, Auklet, and Anemones Mother and she is extremely over protective. She is allied with the Sandwing Blister. Gill was her husband but he die in Queen Scarlet's arena. She was also the mother of Orca who was an animus dragon who placed a spell on one of her statues in the royal hatchery and it has been killings her daughters for years until Tsunami destroyed it. She is a fair and diplomatic queen and has wrote most of the scrolls in Phyra
Queen Coral
Is Tsunami's father but was forced to kill her in Queen Scarlet's arena ; Tsunami killed him before he killed her. He was the husband of Queen Coral but was captured by Queen Scarlet and forced to go without water for months until he was driven mad. (deceased)
Abilities- are able to breathe fire, are extremely fast fliers, most have bad tempers and are dangerous fighters
Is queen of the Skywings and is known as one of the most dangerous and sinister dragon in all of Phyria. She has on daughter named Ruby. Her ally in the great war is the Sandwing Burn. She wears lots of jewels and gold. Her palace consist of a battle arena where she has her prisoners of war fight for own amusement but usually most of the Skywings watch the fights as well. She was the queen who fond the dragonets under the mountain and captured them. When the dragonets escaped Glory shot her venom on the side of her face and now one whole side of her face is scarred and she only has one eye . She is on one the few dragons who care about Peril but only because she fights in her arena and never loses a fight and she helped Scarlet escape from Burn's stronghold. She seeks revenge on the dragonets especially Glory
Queen Scarlet
Is maybe the most dangerous dragon in all of Phyra because her scales can severely burn anyone who touches them the only dragon who has survived being touched by her was Clay. She is Queen Scarlet's arena champion. Peril's mother was Kestrel who was of the guardians who raised the dragonets. Peril was born with burning scales because she shared the same egg as her brother. Kestrel had to choose to kill her brother or Peril : she killed the male dragonet. Peril had the fire from her brother though because he died within the egg. After Scarlet was taken prisoner by Burn because Burn wanted to "protect" her Peril rescued Scarlet from the stronghold but she hasn't seen Queen Scarlet since. She cares about Clay a lot and saved him from the arena and a dragonbite viper.
Is Queen Scarlet's daughter and was ruling the sky kingdom while Scarlet was captured.
Was one of the guardians keeping the dragonets in the underground cave and is the only guardian still alive. He is the father of Riptide. His wife is deceased. He has been slashed with a Sandwing tail and is now in the rainforest recovering with the company of the Rainwings
Web's son and is part of the talons of peace just like his father. He likes Tsunami and attempts to teach her aquatic.
Is part of the Seawing royal family as Tsunami's sister and Queen Coral's daughter. She is an animus dragon who has the power to enchant different objects, for example after she figured out Whirlpool was trying to kill Tsunami she enchanted a spear to kill hm.
One of Queen Coral's trusted teachers. He is very wise and tried to teach Tsunami aquatic and Anemone how to use her animus powers. After he attempts to kill Tsunami, Anemone enchants a spear to kill him. (deceased)
Leader of the talons of peace and is the father of Squid.
One of the alternative dragonets and is the son of Nautilus. He is very rude, whiny, and always acts miserable.
Is one of Queen Coral's daughters and Tsunami's little sister.
One of the Guardians who raised the dragonets. She is the mother of Peril and is part of the talons of peace. She was stabbed by Blister's venomous tail. (deceased)
He is one of the alternative dragonets and is very mean everyone but his mother who is part of the talons of peace. He is very good at combat and is a fast fast flyer. When Flame and Viper were trying to kill Fatespeaker Viper accidentally slashed his tail across Flames face. Flame now has a hideous scar across his eye.
Abilities- have frozen breath, have very sharp serrated claws,
Queen Glacier
She is the ally of Blaze the Sandwing. She rarely lets Blaze out of her sight because Blaze is not a talented fighter.
Was the first dragon Clay had to fight. He was inches away from killing Clay in Queen Scarlet's prison arena until Glory shot her venom at him and he collapsed a heap on top of Clay. He was the first dragon Glory killed with her venom
Abilities- are able to breathe fire, stronger in mud, have very muscular body structures
Queen Moorhen
Queen of the Mudwing tripe and is a very nice generous queen. She wants the war to be over because he worries about her brothers and sisters.
One of the false dragonets. He is very rude and always hungry.
One of the dragonets. He is very kind and loyal to his friends. He protects everyone of his friends he even jumped in front of a dragonbite for Starflight. Peril had to burn the venom out of his leg and now he has to walk with a limp for the rest of his life. He hates fighting other dragons. He was born from a blood red egg meaning now he has fireproof scales. He is the only dragon who can touch Peril ad he cares deeply for her. He volunteered to swim through the underground river to save Glory when they were kept under the mountain he has 3 brothers and sister. His mother is Cattail.
Is Clay's mother. She sold him to the talons of peace for a couple of cows.
One of the dragonets. Has a very kind and loving personalty. She has no poisonous barb like all sandwings have and she is a different color than most Sandwings because her father was a Nightwings named Stone mover. She is the daughter of Thorn. Starflight is in love with her.
She is the mother of Sunny and has been looking for her for many years. She is a very kind loving mother. She is charge of the scorpion den in the kingdom of the sands. She was in love with Stonemover. Sunny made her Queen of the Sandwings by giving her the eye onyx
One of the three Sandwing sisters fighting fr the throne. She is not very bright but is a very stunning beautiful Sandwing. Her alliance is with the Icewings
The strongest sister fighting for the Sandwing throne. She is a fierce combatant. She has various scars. She is not that smart but her battle skills are remarkable. Her alliance is with the Mudwings and the Skywings . She died after Blister sent her a box of dragon bite vipers. (deceased)
Six Claws
One of Thorn's outclaws. He is extremely loyal to her.
She works for Thorn. She always keeps a wary eye on Thorn because she is extremely protective of her.
Is by far the most cunning sister fighting for the Sandwing throne. She is very smart and even found out a way to kill her sister burn by sending her a box of dragon bite vipers. She herself died by trying to take the eye of onyx from Thorn. (deceased)
Abilities- they can breathe fire, scales blend in with the night sky, are believed to have powers for example visions or can read mind but none have these powers; most dragons believe they do have powers
He is the father of Starflight. He is very smart n is the one responsible for doing experiments of the imprisoned Rainwings.
He was the dragon responsible for coming up with the false dragonet prophecy. He had an alliance with Blister because she was going to help him take over the rainforest. He was killed by a volcano. (deceased)
She is one of the false dragonets. Her parents are unknown. She is always caring for Starflight. She claims to have visions but Nightwings do not have any special powers.
Queen Battlwinner
She was the queen of the Nightwings until she was killed by a volcano. She was shot down her throat by an Icewing and had to stay submerged in lava. (deceased)
One of the dragonets. He is in love with Sunny. He is very wise and he loves learning as well as reading scrolls. He is the son of Mastermind. After he barley escaped the volcano large amounts of smoke and ash got into his eyes; he will most likely be blind for life.
Death Bringer
He is an expert assassin. He was sent to kill Gory and some of the other dragonets but instead he fell in love with Glory. He helped her escape from the Nightwings island. He is very protective of her.
He is the brother of the three Sandwings sisters. He is a rather amusing dragon unlike his sisters. He is maybe the only dragon to have a pet scavenger (human). Her name is Flower.
Abilities- can blend in with their surroundings, have a extremely deadly venom; if the venom hits an eye or gets in a wound the dragon will die within seconds, scales are often the color of there mood, most of there energy comes from the sun
She was a replacement for the broken Skywing egg, so she is part of the dragonet prophecy. She sarcastic and loves Deathbringer in her own way. She is queen of the Rainwings and the Nighwings because she is allowing the Nightwings to stay in the rainforest because their island was destroyed.
He is related to Glory. His branch swinging and gliding are very perfected.
She is the first dragon Glory saved from the Nightwing fortress. She look up to Glory like she is her mother.
He helped Glory find her way to Blaze's hideout in look for the missing Rainwings.
Abilities- Can breathe underwater, see the dark, have glowing patterns on their bodies, very agile in the water, have their own language called aquatic
Aquatic- Seawing language used by flashing their scales in different patterns
Abilities- deadly poisonous tails with only one antidote that can be found in the desert. They can breathe fire
He is the Father of Sunny and the mate of Thorn.
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