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Maison Carree

Latin Project

Taylor Kelsey

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Maison Carree

By Taylor Kelsey Maison Carree It was built in 19 or 20BC, during Roman urbanization and the rule of Augusts, by Marcus Vipsanius
Agrippa (close friend of Augustus).The Maison Carree was dedicated to Agrippa’s sons; Gaius Caesar and Lucius Caesar. When this structure was orignially built,it was made for Gaius and Lucius Caesar. In the fourth century it became a church, which helped it survive through the fall of the empire. Through the ages it has been usd as a concills house, stables, and the towns archive. It is now a museum. Maison Carree got it's name from the french word for square "carree" and the french word for house "maison". Together, the definition of Maison Carree is square house, thus it's long rectangular shape. Thomas Jefferson used the well known designs from the Maison Carree when he designed the state capitol of Virginia! Fun Facts: http://www.livius.org/ne-nn/nimes/nimes2.html Bibliography The Maison Carree is an ancient building in Nimes, Southern France. It is one of the best preserved Roman temples to be found anywhere in the territory of the former Roman Empire. http://www.historvius.com/la-maison-carr-e-313/ http://www.arenes-nimes.com/en/discovering-site/maison-carree architecturecourss.org/maison-caree-nimes The Maison Carrée measures 26 metres long by 15 metres wide and 15 metres high! It is believed to be one of the best preserved temples of Ancient Rome which is found anywhere in the territory that made for the former Roman Empire!
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