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Ieee Region 8

No description

Heind ElRawy

on 11 October 2015

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Transcript of Ieee Region 8

What’s Mind the Gap (MtG) Contest?
Mind the Gap is a contest challenging IEEE students in Region 8 to come up with a project proposal that helps reduce the gap between generations and bring them together, using technology.
How should students apply?
A team of up to 5 students will send a proposal describing a project idea

The team should be able to transform their project idea into a proof of concept, within 6 months
What about the winners?
Three winning proposals will be selected

The winning teams will have a chance to transform their project into a reality, with a funding of up to $10,000
What is the Generation Gap?
The term “generation gap” describes the sociological and psychological differences between people belonging to different generations.
Sociologists differentiate between three generations: Baby Boomers (born between 1946 and 1964), Generation X (1965-1984), and Millennials (also known as Generation Y, 1985-2010).
The biggest gap exists between Millennials and their predecessors.
Ieee Region 8
Mind the gap contest!

Millennials grew up in a time where everything they needed to know or wanted to know was at their fingertips thanks to the advancement of technology.
In comparison, Millenials lack what their predecessors abundantly have: experience.
Where do we get our funds?
MGA Member Benefits Portfolio Advisory Committee - MBPAC (potential)
IEEE Life Members (LM)
EPICS in IEEE (potential)
Awards will be presented SYP 2016 - Germany
Contest timetable and milestones

MtG Phase I:
10 March 2016
(MtG campaign starts)
15 May 2016
(Deadline for idea submission)
15 June 2016
(Deadline for idea evaluation and winners selection)
17 June 2016
(Deadline for winners notification)
IEEE R8 SYP 2016
(Winners announcement)

MtG Phase II:
1 February 2017
(Project implementation deadline)
ICC Pilot
IEEE International Conference on Communications, London, UK
8 to 12 June, 2015
Mostafa Ezziyyani
(World Talk)
Lambros Lambrinos
Yiannis Despotis
SAC Jury
Mona, Dinko, Ahmet, Youmna
And the winner is...
MESBC2015 Pilot
IEEE MESBC 2015, Amman, Jordan
4 to 7 August, 2015
Farah Sadi, Hiba Dweikat, Israa Moussa
Skander Mansouri, Slim Bouakez, Ahlem Jedidi
(Family Camp)
Amira Tarroum, Ines Abdenneji, Wafa Ben Hmida
Baha Osama Joudeh, Shahd Monther Najjar
(MtG App)
Life Members:
Charles Turner
Educational Activities:
Sohaib Qamar Sheikh
Maciej Borowka
Mohamed Amin
Mohamed El Dallal
Mona, Dinko, Ahmet, Youmna
And the winners are...
Thank you :)
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