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building your resume!

No description

Daniela Panacci

on 11 October 2016

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Transcript of building your resume!

what is a resume?
a resume gives potential employers a brief summary of the applicant's skills, abilities, education, and experiences. there are two styles:

chronological - traditional style; displays work experience in a reverse chronological order, beginning with the most recent

functional - highlights accomplishments; perfect for those with little work experience
What is your main goal?

Your objective should be specific to the job and company to which you are applying.

For example, "To obtain a part-time position as a barista at Starbucks."
List the schools you have attended, beginning with the most recent.

In this section, feel free to mention academic honours and/or awards (i.e. honour roll recognitions, subject awards, etc.)
Give a brief overview of experiences that have taught you valuable skills. Include work, volunteer, or even classroom experiences through which you have learned important skills.

Include the title of position, name of organization, location of work (town and province), dates of employment, and description of work responsibilities. Use action words to describe your job duties (see the list of action words provided.)
home address
telephone number
e-mail address
building your resume!
hobbies and interests/ extracurricular activities
demonstrate your uniqueness! Include key elements of your background that do not fit in any other section of your resume
(i.e. special skills, leadership roles, participation in sports, band, etc.)
Be sure to ask people if they would serve as a reference for you before you list them as a reference.

You do not need to include your reference information on your resume. You may or may not wish to include a References section, in which you might write "references available upon request. If you choose to leave out this section, be sure that you have two or three references ready to bring to an interview.
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