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Introduction To Ethical Hacking

Third Eye Ethical Hackers (R)

Rajan Kohli

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Introduction To Ethical Hacking

System Hacking

Email Attacks

Stealer Attacks

Website Hacking Attacks

Remote Adminstration Attacks

Session Hijacking Attacks Top Attacks WHITE HATS


GREY HATS TYPES OF HACKERS Hacker is anyone who can apply his aptitude and attitude to anything passionately. There is a shared culture which has formed the layers of digital matrix around us, and anyone who has contributed to it is a hacker. Generally, a hacker is defined as a software pirate, but that’s not the end of it. Who is Hacker ? Mr.Eric
Security Division at&t Grey Hat’s are Between Good & Bad
May disclose codes for Profit
Their Actions are Questionable & Variable in Nature GREY HATS REVERSE OF WHITE HATS “the_ut” also known as Stephen Wyatt
& TYPES OF HACKERS Online Accounts of Indian Cricketer “Harbhajan Singh” Recovered .
Facebook Fan Page of Pakistani Singer Zaain Ul Abeedin Recovered .
Done Investigation for Netbanking Fraud of 6.6Million INR (66 Lacs) of a Ltd Company based in Jalandhar City.
Did Penetration Testing for Various MNC’s & Fortune 500 Companies.
Solved Various Cases on Mobile Phone Tapping & Fake Profile Deletion on Facebook. Recent Cases Solved Contribute Code to Society
Does not cause any damage
Find Vulnerabilities and disclose them. ( Working With MICROSOFT , found a flaw in DNS) Dan Kaminsky White Hats
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