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No description

Laneisha Eason

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Night

Each jewish person had to get a numbers on their arm to represent who they are. They no longer had names.
they were nobody anymore.
They no longer had beds to lay their heads on. They no longer had their privacy. They were bunch up to together.
This is Eliezer Wiesel. He is on e of the jews who survived the holocuast. he been through alot there, but he still made it.
This is funny because this sign does not make sense. The sign means says work makes free, but when the jews work they could not be free.
This is the fence that had them all together. It surround the
camp all around. It made sure that nobody escaped.
The chimneys represent a lot of pain to the jews. From the smoke all the way to the ashes. People were burn and the smell rose to the air
The jews were forced to dig their own pits to be shot into.
Everyone was to have their hair shaved off.
Babies were killed first, they had no chances to live. If a mother wouldn't let her child go she was killed with them.
These are the shoes they wore. They only had one pair of shoes to have
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