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CSI: Macbeth

No description

Clarissa Acosta

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of CSI: Macbeth

Clarissa Acosta CSI: Macbeth Summary Final Judgement Total Deaths: 6 Crime Scene: First Murder: King Duncan +Guards Crime Scene: Second Victim: Banquo, Thane of Lochaber Crime Scene: Third Victims: Lady Macduff and son Macbeth is the overall prime suspect: Suspects:
Macbeth (main)
Lady Macbeth
Fleance Time Span between Attacks: Approx. 3-4 months Common Murder Weapon: Sword or Dagger All victims were somehow connected to each other. No witnesses to any of the attacks. Location: Macbeth's Castle, Forres Castle.
Victim killed in bed.
Multiple of stabbing
2 more victims killed outside the door, guards; also stabbed to death
Murder weapon; pair of dagger; found in the hands of the guards
No sign of forced entry
No sign of fighting back on Duncan’s side; guards did put up a fight
A few bloody hand and finger prints around the wall, door and bed
No witnesses; everyone was asleep.
Macduff found the bodies
Killed about 1-2 hours before discovery; there was still some fresh blood. Suspects Evaluation and Interrogation: Macbeth confessed into killing both guards;
"...Outrun the pauser, reason. Here lay Duncan,His silver skin laced with his golden blood; And his gash'd stabs look'd like a breach in nature For ruin's wasteful entrance: there, the murderers, 120 Steep'd in the colours of their trade, their daggers Unmannerly breech'd with gore: who could refrain..."
Suspect must be someone who knows the castle well and how to move in it quickly.
Must have experience with swordsmanship and fighting skills.
Must have wanted to kill the King for power so must have some sort of gain from this death.
Or must be a spy from the Norwegian Army from the war. Forensics: Stab wounds depend on the length of the knife as ell as the location of the stab.
Macbeth's dagger were 12in in length.
due to the blood spatters on the wall, Duncan was facing the attacker when stabbed.
he was stabbed 3 times; all over the right side of the neck and chest.
1 slash completely sliced the heart open
2 other slashes severed the Bracchiocephalic Vein and the right anterior jugular vein.
Died of blood loss during a time period of about 2-3 minutes. One guard was stabbed twice; both severing the abdominal aorta
The other guard was stabbed once in the leg; for movement purposes; and then his neck was slit.
Both died fairly rapid deaths. Final Suspects: Macbeth - has motive; the closest witness to the crime scene; did he really kill the guards because they killed Duncan?
Malcolm - next in line for the throne; too impatient to wait for his father to die so took matters into his own hands.
Guards - according to Macbet, they killed Duncan; but what motive? Location: Park near Palace.
Victim found on the ground face down.
Stabbed to death.
Supposed to be doing his rounds with son, Fleance, when found dead.
No murder weapon
Witnesses: Fleance, but he is missing.
Clear signs of defence and fighting.
Banquo's sword is smeared with blood; probably graced the attacker; but no body was found. Suspect Evaluation and Interrogation: Several attackers; many footprints in the ground, 2-3 attackers
Fleance was confirmed to be with his father, but where is he now?
No witnesses
Maybe the work of bandits; but they wouldn't know be able to beat a general like Banquo.
Another suspect with experienced swordsmanship.
Fleance his son might have done it. Gain the title of Thane? Power?
Banquo was Macbeth's best friend and aslo heard the prophecy from the sister witches; including the one that his sons will be kings.
Only Macbeth knows about the future kings; but why wasn't Fleance killed?
Fleance might've been another target. Forensics: Body was full of slices and gashes.
Fatal wound: throat was slit.
"My lord, his throat is cut; that I did for him." (First Murderer Act 3 Scene 4)
due to the blood spatters on the wall, Duncan was facing the attacker when stabbed.
3 possible causes:
exsanguination; if the external jugular vein, and/or internal jugular vein, and/or carotid artery are cut the person will bleed to death.
choke to death on the blood.
embolism, if air enters either of the jugular veins.
Quick death; around 1-2 minutes
Murder weapon; sword
Due to the scratches on Banquo's sword and the cut on the body. Final Suspects: Fleance - was only witness to the attack but fled.
Assasins - was a group assualt and nothing was stolen from Banquo so no thieves.
Macbeth - he and Banquo were the only ones who saw the sister witches; Banquo suspected Macbeth for Duncan's murder; Macbeth knows that Banquo's lineage will be Kings. Location: Fife. Macduff's Castle.
Bodies found together; an additional body of a server was found.
All killed same way; stabbed to death; probably same weapon
Forced entry at the gate; guard was killed.
No murder weapon found.
Sword found in boy's hand; foght back when attacked.
Server was probably killed first trying to protect his masters.
Boy was killed second protecting the mother; then Lady Maduff killed last.
No witness; everybody was killed.
Nothing was taken from the Castle; assassination probably. Suspect Evaluation and Interrogation: Everybody working in castle was killed.
Nothing was taken so robbery is ruled out
Macduff was currently in England.
Another small group of experienced swordsmen.
Same style of fighting from Banquo's case; definite link in murders.
Were probably sent or hired by someone powerful.
What was the motive? They were only a defenless mother and child. Forensics: Both killed same way; stabbed
Murder weapon; sword
Boy resisted and put up a fight; resulting in several cuts and grazes.
Fatal Wound; stab through the abomen; bled to death
Sword was taken out Post-Mortum
3-4 min death
Mother was stabbed in the back; probably running away
From the splatter on the floor; she was standing up
Sword pierced her heart
2-3 min death Final Suspects: Same culprit or benefactor from Banquo's death - group of assassins with same killing style
Macbeth - a suspect for Banquo's death so maybe same benefactor; Macduff did not attend his coronation so revenge? He is the only one who clearly gained power as soon as Duncan died. He is a strong suspect for all murders. He is the link between all murders. He has motive for every murder. He has the power and means to send assassins. Later it is found out that he really did kill all these people; but now people are just too afraid to enforce any justice.
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