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Order of Modifiers

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Muhammad Abdurrohim

on 4 April 2015

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Transcript of Order of Modifiers

What is Order of Modifiers ?
Modifiers used for add information to other elements and it follows a particular order and is divided by a comma.
Example of Modifers
This is a hot, long summer
This is a long, hot summer
9. temperature = hot, cold

10. shape = round, square

11. color/pattern = green, striped

12origin = Japanese, American
comes before noun and used to modifies or describes a noun

can be an adjective, adverb, or a clause, or phrase acting as an adjective or adverb

adds information to another element in a sentence

After a determiner and before a noun, usually no more than three modifiers are used

Modifiers usually occur in a particular order

Order of Modifiers
Order of Modifiers
1. determiner = the, your
2. ordinals = first, second
3. cardinals = one, two
4. opinion = nice, easy, beautiful
5. size = small, large

6. measurement = short, long
7. condition = worn, tired
8. age = old, new

He gave me an old, spring, over-sized, black jacket
He gave me an over-sized, old, black, spring jacket
13. season/time = summer, noon

14. material = metal, wooden

15. power = electric, mechanical

16. location = bedroom, table

17. purpose =party, work
The hot, long, japanese summer
The long hot Japanese summer
1.Who left a two-week-old, rotten, foul banana on my desk?
2.This is my new, white, sleek iPad.
3.She's got a boots,black,big.
4.Aab got a wooden,nice,short,black "baseball bat"
5.Mr.Handung is young,hot,nice English teacher

Thank You
Abi Zulfakhry Rosadi

Muhammad Abdurrohim
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