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Total Recall

9.01 Game

Caleb Cusimano

on 6 March 2012

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Transcript of Total Recall

Begin! Recall Use in a sentence Recall 'Em All Total Recall A game that tests you vocabulary knowledge and your ability to remember.
If you can’t use it you lose it. Words- My game is a bored game. You begin at start and make your way through a color coded path by means of rolling colored die. • Green(easy) 5 • Blue(intermediate) 10 • Orange(difficult) 15 Periodic Recall boxes force the player to do one or all of the fallowing to collect more points.
• recite the word (2)
• definition (4)
• Part of Speech (1)
• Use in a sentence (3) The player who gains the most points in the end claims the title of champion and also gain new vocabulary knowledge. Card example Each stepping stone gives you a word to memorize. The words are categorized by means of level of difficulty and points. How does the Die work?
If you roll a green you go to the next green if you roll a blue you go to the next blue and so on. What types of cards are there?
There are four types of cards. There are green, blue, orange and blanks. If you pick up a blank you don't have to memorize the word and you move on.
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