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Technology Advancement

Introducing of Smartphone Advantage and Disadvantage How to know is a good SmartPhone

prasetio prasetio

on 15 September 2012

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Transcript of Technology Advancement

Rapid Develope Techonolgy Advancement SmartPhone A smartphone is a mobile phone built on a mobile operating system,
with more advanced computing capability and connectivity than a feature phone. Introducing of SmartPhone Advantage of SmartPhone Keeping you organised Flexible working Greater functionality Disadvantage Of SmartPhone Faster communication The most common mobile operating systems (OS) used by modern smartphones include From Google Inc Iphone Android Symbian iOS from Apple Inc BlackBerry OS From RIM Windows Phone form Microsoft 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 mobile search has grown
400% in the past year
in the world in the next year 90% Of the world population has acces to mobile network smartphone handsets can function as personal organisers, with electronic diaries, contact lists, and automatic reminders. as with a PDA, you can use your smartphone to take notes, review and edit your appointments, contacts and documents, all while you're on the move.
  Better information sharing considerably more data can be received and transmitted via a smartphone, such as large e-mail attachments or data files from websites. Previous mobiles could only manage small e-mails without attachments. many models offer built-in digital cameras with immediate snap and send functionality, so remote workers or offsite staff can instantly photograph and send images or videos of anything from supplier's goods to site inspections or damaged warehouse machinery. Smartphones could offer you a new way of marketing to customers, Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS) lets you include animation, graphics and music in a message. web access is quicker than in previously available mobiles, making it easier to access e-mail and information from the Net. Some models and carriers offer an 'always-on' internet access service making connection easier. Many user rely on the Smartphone's for everything.
It makes people become very lazy because the can use many facilities while just sited like internet banking.
Most people have become anti social because the can are usually social networking .
How to choose the good smartphone How to choose the good smartphone 1. Suite with your needed. 2. Screen.
What do you want from smartphone ? Is that for bussines or just for fun. Choose the touch screen can according to accurate and quick to cath the instruction by your touch 3. Conectivity Smartphone design to connect witih the internet.
For get the quick connection support, choose the smartphone that support to acces HDSPA network 4. Support from store application. One thing that will be fun if your have smartphone which you can download many new application, even there is have a phrase say a smartphone can say really-really smart if them can get support from the good store application. 5. Camera. Make sure that camera facility can produce a good photo, and check the completeness support facility. Like technology flash, photo editor, auto focus and the other 6. Operating system. Operating system is become of one most important thing when you choose a smartphone, is that friendly user?. Like symbian, android, ios, RIM etc. 7. Processor. Processor is also one of the important thing, it will be enactive fast or not the application runing. 8. Internal and External Memorry.

9. Dimension and size.

10. Type and interface. they usualy use smart phone in 7x24 for
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