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Influencer: Find Vital Behaviors

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David Simancek

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Influencer: Find Vital Behaviors

Keys to being an Effective Influencer
Create clear, compelling and measurable goals. Know exactly what you want, by when and how to measure it.
You don’t have to focus on thousands of behaviors, you only need to focus on 1-2.
Influencer: Find Vital Behaviors
How do you find Vital Behaviors?
• Notice the Obvious
• Look for Crucial Moments
• Learn from Positive Deviants
• Spot Culture Busters

The First Key:
Keys to being an Effective Influencer
Identify the Vital Behaviors you need to change within other people which will ultimately achieve your desired goals.
The Second Key:
Disproportionate Influence
Crutial Moments
The moment when someone’s action or inaction will disproportionately affect the overall effect on a situation, either having a very positive outcome and seriously helping fix a problem or creating a very negative situation resulting in many more serious problems occurring.
Vital Behaviors
After you spot the crucial moment, Vital Behaviors are the specific, high-leverage actions that are taken to lead to the desired results.
HIV Outbreak in Thailand
Delancey Street in San Francisco
Freshman Dropout Rates
Noble Drilling Safety Issues
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