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No description

Beth Spitalny

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Kia2

Branded Entertainment prepared by Redlever For Kia Sportage MANUMENTAL MOMENTS

...a series about the moments that turn a guy...into a man.
Each 1 minute episode of the 10 part series takes a quick snapshot of a man’s life at a specific "man-moment". What's a "man moment"?? man-moment \ ‘man-mo-ment’ \
1. a tiny portion of time in a male’s life that catapults him into the category of a mature, responsible male or an adult (also known as a man).

examples: throwing out the disgusting futon from college and buying a real couch.
getting that long awaited promotion.
hanging a piece of art in the bedroom instead of a poster of a half naked woman.

MANUMENTAL MOMENTS is a light hearted and witty original series that showcases various man-moments that transpire throughout the course of a male’s life. Each episode features a different identifiable yet relatable male between 25-34 in the midst of a unique and comical man-moment.
Episode Examples Man Moment Example 1 – Getting promoted…finally
Kyle, 32, sits at his bosses desk and hears the words, “We’ve decided to give you that promotion.” Kyle smiles, shakes his bosses hand and calmly exits his bosses office. He coolly walks through the rest of his floor while receiving a few congratulatory remarks from co-workers here and there. Kyle enters the parking garage, opens up the door to his Kia Sportage, closes the door and screams and bounces in his seat while throwing his fists in the air with victory like a total spaz.
Man Moment Example 2 – Realizing it’s time to clean
Brett, 26, walks into his den about to watch TV. Brett sees a piece of garbage on the floor and is about to kick it under his couch when he suddenly has a change of heart. Brett looks around his not-so-neat apartment and quickly darts to his Kia Sportage outside. Brett comes out of a general supply store and loads tons of cleaning supplies into the trunk of his Kia. Brett cleans his den like a mad man until it’s spotless. Exhausted but proud, Brett opens his nearby closet to store his new cleaning supplies but as he does so, all of the jammed packed contents inside spill out all over him.
Man Moment Example 3 – The perfect and mature end to the perfect date Chris, 29, stops his Kia Sportage in front of his date’s house. Chris gets out of the car and like a true gentleman, opens up his date’s door and escorts her to the front door where they share the most perfect end-of-date kiss. Chris calmly gets back into his car with a grin. He turns on his ipod which blasts a heavy metal song so loud that Chris’s date pops her head out the window. Mortified Chris speeds off as quickly as possible.
MANUMENTAL MOMENTS can extend beyond the series itself with specically tailored interactive elements to promote user engagment
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