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Inception Opening Analysis

No description

Tom Otkay

on 26 September 2016

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Transcript of Inception Opening Analysis

The first scene in inception is of the main character played by Leonardo Dicaprio, you see that the lighting is fairly dark making the beginning more intense. This along with the dramatic sound makes for a great opening scene, we immediately see the key prop on the table and even though the audience is not sure what it is the close up of it highlights to the viewer that this will be a big part of the storyline. After that it goes pitch black and the logos of film companies appear showing the main subsidiaries that were involved in the making of this movie.
You see a close up of the two characters faces focusing on their reaction. Once that happens it cuts to a wide shot of the street closing in on itself. This is the first indication that this is a sci fi film and how it is completely different from all other films in this genre. This is obviously computer generated but had to take the actual street to create the folding effect.
Mise en scene is very important to this trailer because even though it may not be explained why they have used this prop just yet you still know that it is integral to convey this film in the correct way. The reason why we can sense this is because as the sound increases the water beginnings to ripple even more suggesting something big is about to happen.
In this part of the trailer we see an over the shoulder shot looking out into the window. the lighting from the inside is very dark making it more sinister for the audience. When the explosion goes off the viewer questions what made that happen and that the person in the room could be the one instigating all of this.
In both of theses scenes there is a wide shot throughout to try and show as much as possible in the short cuts. The first one we see is a close up of the main characters face perhaps showing that he is thinking of something. The other one is of a massive vehicle making its way through all the other cars, this leads to more questions on what is happening in this situation.
There is a slow motion scene in this trailer where all the paper flies up and then the effect begins, this is to show what is exactly happening. It also makes it very entertaining for the audience to see the moment happen in a slower movement making for a bigger impact when it goes back to normal speed soon after.
In this scene we can sense there is a confrentation between these two characters. At this moment in the trailer the viewer is unsure what is going on with these characters but due to the set up of the scene and the dull lights in the corners we can assume that it is important. Again it is another over the shoulder shot so that the other character is unrecognizable at the beginning building to the suspense of the trailer.
The next shot is action packed with the cars skidding along the roads which makes for a very compelling scene for the viewer. The other scene on the other hand is another smooth slow motion shot showing the subject being submersed in water. If you look carefully he has been handcuffed when being dropped so this leads to more questions for the audience.
This shot is a great way to end the trailer, as you can see it is a wide establishing shot so that it could be framed to the point where the viewer can capture what is happening in the scene. The camera is lightly pointing upwards to give the perception of the person being bigger, this also means that it is more overwhelming when the water is entering the room.
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