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Songwriting 101

No description

Alvin Vega

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Songwriting 101

How to Become a Rock Star in Five Easy Steps / Songwriting 101: An Introduction to the Art of Cool /
Picking Up Chicks at Parties Without Looking Like a Jerk A Go-to Guide by Alvin Vega Step One: Find a Guitar that Fits You! There's an indescribable feeling you get when you find it
It's "love at first sight"
It is the musical manifestation of you
Give it a name!
Love it, caress it, and treat it with care Step Two: Learn How to Play the Guitar! The Five Magic Chords Many artists, from Lady Gaga to Green Day, exclusively use these five basic chords Step Three: Follow Your Idols and Inspirations! Step Four: Practice Hard and Often! It takes time and effort to become good at the guitar
You simply cannot get amazing at it overnight
Expand beyond your comfort zone
Once you get good at one thing, learn something else
Don't be complacent, keep pushing yourself further Step Five: Start Writing! Use your own personal experiences as inspiration
Heartbreak and sadness, love and happiness
All of those are valid emotions to write from
Always carry something with you that you can write on
A little journal, the back of your hand, even your phone
Never stop writing, always strive to get better. Push yourself! Sources: Hess, Tom. "Get More From Your Guitar Practice. 8 Steps To Develop A Highly Efficient Practice Schedule." Tom Hess Music Corporation. N.p., n.d. Web. 1 Nov 2012.

"How to Practice Guitar." eHow. eHow. Web. 1 Nov 2012.

Renman, Robert. "How to Practice Guitar." Dolphinstreet. Dolphinstreet, 09 2009. Web. 1 Nov 2012.
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