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Dongxue Lin

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of STARBUCKS

• Memos, emails, notices HOW
• Culture, values,missions,benefits WHY


• Subway Name : Global Creative Processway
• Builder and driver : Stanley Hainsworth
• Staffs : 50 designers
50 project managers
• Time : -72weeks
• Goal : Logo design

Stage 1. Prep for KickOff
• New Project: It is needed to redesign the Starbucks’ logo.
• Market study to determine the customers’ insights about the brand (external Communication).
• The theme is established.

Stage 2. Kickoff Meeting
• Budget and timing of the project.
Stage 3. Concept Junction.

• “From the beginning we wanted to recognized and honor the important equities of the iconic Starbucks’ logo. So we broke down the four man parts of the brand; color, shape, typeface and the siren, and started to play with them”.
Global design department meeting (Internal Communication)
Brainstorm ideas
Concepts are defined
Stage 4. Presentation Station.
• First draft
• Meeting to decide when to show the material to the customers for feedback (Internal Communication).

Stage 5. First Copy Layout.
• First layout is printed and is given to the customers for approval or rejection.
Stage 6. Second copy layout
• Receive the feedback of 1st copy from the traffic and the client
Designer make changes and output to manager and traffic again
• After internal communication, got all the feedback and came out the 2nd layout.

Stage 8. Final Estimate

• Designers print production creative final hard cost estimate and emails project owner
• Project owner get feedback from the client and gives copy of signed estimate to print production

Stage9.、Fianl Layout
• Posts for internal review
• Submits to legal&posts for sensitivity review
• Present to customers&note all the feedback

Stage10. Final Prepress
• Final copy is ready
• Hand the logo back to the project owner

Stage11. Print Ready Station
• As the logo prepared for the printer , it goes into the print production or even more than that.
Stage12. End of the line
• Project is delivered, a new logo is printed ,
focus on the real market feedback and to schedule regular brief meeting with the entire team.

Starbucks GLOBAL CREATIVE PROCESS WAY ========> Objectives efficient, cost saving and innovative!
Market leader
Over 17,000 stores in 50 countries

“In business, success is most often measured by numbers. Store counts. Revenues. Comps. For Starbucks, these metrics are important indications of how we are growing our brand and returning value to our shareholders.”
The company - partners - team -
good internal communication
Poor internal communication
Global Creative Processway
Global Creative Subway
• Started a meeting with prepress and print production
• Designer goes over details
• Creates out a final layout

Stage 7. Due to prepress
Team members:
LIN Dongxue
KE Wenwen
WEI Yunting
LIU Xiaoyi
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