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Cecil Benton Jr

No description

Mike Graham

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Cecil Benton Jr

Industry Agriculture Education Then Now Then Now Then Now 1. Railroads will speed travel time and make it easier to ship products. 2. The first railroad completed in Ohio was the Erie & Kalamazoo RailRoad. 3. All of Ohio's first railroads existed only within the confines of the state or only extended a short distance into neighboring states 1.Railroading today is seing a renaissance of freight traffic not experienced sincce World War 2. 2.In 1990's both EMD and GE began constructing locomotives motors. 3As transportation issues are becoming more of a topic today. 1.Kids do not have to go to school. 2.One teacher taught several grades in just one room. 3.If the kids would do something wrong the teachers would hit the kids with paddles and rulers. 1.Kids have to go to school. 2.Teachers have diffrent class rooms to teach. 3.The teachers can't hit students with paddles or rulers 1.Prior to the 1800s, most people who called Ohio home earned their living through farming. 2.Farming had the most success during times of war , providing its allies with food. Then
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