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teenage mom

No description

Robyn Wright

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of teenage mom

Double click anywhere & add an idea Teenage Pregnancy: Help STOP the epimic!
Almost 750,000 young teenage girls will become pregant tthis year! Meduim: Media
the mdia tries to make it seem ok for famous people to have kids,
but put down people that are not. Artifact:Advertisement/Billboards
i do not belive its good because companies
only show you things that they want you to see.
They dont show you the big picture. Television taught me the most imformation about teenage pregnancy because it used all of the rhetorical appeals. plus it gave me a visual to look at as well. The Tyra Banks show. and her talking with teenage mothers. The Maury show. this clip shows why some teens want to become young mothers. The intended audience was young teens and their parents. All of the shows that i picked tries so hard to
show that teenage pregnancy is not ok. The whole message is that having a kid young
makes you look way much older than you reaally are.
Also it looks bad on your part. Intended auience is young teens and just the
whole public as a whole.
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