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WISDOM - Telecommunication

WISDOM Solution for Telecommunication Industry


on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of WISDOM - Telecommunication

WISD M How we conquered ! How we did it ? We Did IT ! We Introduced.... Daily Usage Reports Products & Services Dedication Design &
Modeling Extraction, Transfer &
Load (ETL) Research &
Development MIS and KPI's Work Environment How Things Earlier A "Team" to generate excel base reports About 4.5 million daily data transactions Breaking the Tradition Understand Client Requirements
& Immediate Solution Requirements Dimension - Fact Model things from Old School
oracle stored procedures
m views an "Online Monitoring System" DN /Line Counts - Active / Inactive GUI Creation WERE Online Monitoring was "Alien" Average execution time..... 3 Days Main Monitoring KPI Not to keep the client waiting for more than a Week..... Ongoing in house Development Multiple Data Bases No key Tables / Tables with no key ! 5%
Bad Stuff Challenges to Goal Collecting the Scattered Knowledge Only Operational DBs
[no Extractions !] Limited DB Space [case study] Achievements in 1.5 years Yesterday's performance by
today morning a DW Schema ETL with minimal burden to main DB - 4.5 M in 2 hours Simple means of complex monitoring Dash Boards
Target Achievements
Alerts as a team Alerts on High Profile Errors Hierarchical Monitoring for individuals Data Pattern Monitoring (Churn) ETL of Information Cube Designing Consultancy on new projects Telecommunication Industry Stock Movement Client Complaint and Services Outstanding Payments and Age Revenue Generation Revenue Collection Prepaid Card and Unit Sales Passion Selected the BI Tool Agile Process Gather Knowledge ad hoc models Star/Ice peck Schema Account Client DN DW schema own naming methods
own id system Divide & Conquer Fault Repair and Attendance Set up Goals Materialize
Develop Testing & Stabilizing Release Module Commitment Understanding DW Concepts Dimension
Pool CDR Dashboard Revenue &
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