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Sentence Types

No description

Tiffany LeNeave

on 8 September 2016

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Transcript of Sentence Types

Sentence Types
Asks something.
Ends with a question mark
Expresses STRONG feeling
Ends with an exclamation point.
Tells something
Ends with a period
Declarative Sentences
Gives and order
Ends with a period.
In groups students will be assigned a type of sentence. Create a short skit where speakers speak only in that type of sentence.
Show what you know!

Grandpa: Find my glasses
Grandma: No, go look in your drawer
Grandpa: Billy, find my glasses
Billy: Stop bossing me around.
Grandma: Be respectful to your grandpa.
Jill: Grandma, bake me cookies.
Grandpa: bake me cookies too grandma.
Example: Imperative
Students will be able to correctly identify and create two examples of the four types of sentences.
Content Objective
Language Objective
Students will present a skit to the class where each student speaks using one of the four types of sentences.
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