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Chanda's Secrets prezi section 1

No description

Ahsan Khan

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Chanda's Secrets prezi section 1

Chanda's Secrets Summary 16 year old Chanda, a poor African girl, is a determined leader and scholarship seeker. A girl with prodigious leadership skills is struck with a series of events which leads to her family breaking apart and her maturity increasing well before. Sara, Chanda's sister has died. Chanda has made arrangements with local Eternal light funeral services for her funeral. Needed is a person to comfort her and say everything will be alright, Esther, a prostitute also her best friend did just that.

Next, moving from the country side to Bonang was a major move by Chanda's family. Bonang offered services in which the countryside did not like better education. After moving to Bonang, her 1st dad and brothers were killed in a pit-mining accident. With no husband, there was no financial support. To obtain some money and a place to live so she can support her children, Lillian is seen having many relationships with guys such as Isaac, Mr Dube and Jonah. 2 were complete idiots while Mr Dube whom she married died of a heart attack. Left alone to support Mr Dube's house, mama invited Jonah, a drunk, to live with him as he had money to pay the house bills.

One day Jonah the dead drunk is found at the Sibanda's, a person who has messed with many women was drunk on shake shake and had no senses at all. Jonah had stolen money from Chanda's mom. Chanda took leadership, she grabbed the money from Jonah and returned it to her mama, so they can pay for Sara's death

Next, Mrs Tafa, once called "Auntie" by Chanda was called that no more. Hate was brewing between Chanda and Mrs Tafa. Calls to her relatives are made by Chanda through the use of Mrs Tafa's phone. Mr Kamwendo recieves the call and spreads the word about Sarah's death to her relatives. Sarah's death deeply touches Mrs. Tafa as her son Emannuel had also died. Next, she also states how Esther's parents died of cancer and TB. Plot graph This section of the story in the plot graph, is located in the exposition. Main Characters - Chanda
-Lillian (Chanda's Mom) By Ahsan, Nihant, Muhammad, Rohaan, Zain Minor characters and their relationship to protagonist Mr. Bateman - Offered a funeral sevice when Chanda came to him when her sister Sara died Papa (who died in mine)- Papa was Chanda's first dad, whom now she misses. Characters Mr Tafa- Chanda's family neighbour

Ms Tafa- Chanda's family neighbour

Mr Dube- step-dad of Chanda

Mary- In love with Chanda's mom's boyfriend

Mr Selalame- Chanda's favourite school teacher

Jonah- Wants to marry Chanda's mom and lives with Chanda and her mom

The Sibandas- Own the shebeen in which Chanda went to grab the money Jonah stole from Mama

Emmanuel- Chanda's neighbors son who died Troubles Protagonist Fathers and brother

Low on money

Sister had died Chanda Solving These Problems In pages 1-35: Protagonist: Chanda "So you've been sent to make the arrangements by yourself" (Stratton 3).
"I rifle through his pockets" (Stratton 25).
"I shove my bike through the crowd. The crowd backs off, as if people are afraid I'll hit anyone in my way. I will, too" (Stratton 25).

Chanda was shown as being the protagonist, main characters tend to do more stuff than the minor characters. Chanda was shown as being responsible and a supportive person. Our section of the play mainly revovled around Chanda, and she was part of many main events which happened in the scence. For ex: She was the one who returned the stolen money and she was the one who was sent to make arrangements for Sara's funerals. Everyone depended on her, she was part of almost any event. Protagonists are the main characters, and main events occur when they are there, everything revolves around them thus showing that Chanda is the protagonist. In Mr.Bateman's Store

Convincing to leave Jonas

Trying to get help from their relatives Discussion Question In our society, for a girl to be with more than one guy generally means that they are a "slut". Put yourself in Lillian (Chanda's Mama) shoes. Chanda's mom wanted money and a place to live which is why she got into 3 relationships. If you were living in poverty, and had no money to support yourself. Describe the actions you would take and why? Setting Major Settings:
Her papa's cattle post in Tiro
Mr. Dube's House
Mrs. Tafa's house Minor Settings:
Mr. Bateman's Eternal Light Funeral Services

Isaac Pheto's House

Liberty Hotel and Convention Center Determined and a Leader "You rest now. I'll be right back. I run outside
,hop on my bike, and head to the local shebeen" (Stratton 22) This specific quote demonstrates that Chanda is determined and a leader because when she states "You rest now. I'll be right back", it shows that she is a leader because she is taking control. Money was stolen from where mama hid it, she took charge and went to the shebeen to figure out who had stolen it. Leaders provide aid for the others. In this case Chanda was providing aid for her family and mama so they could have a proper funeral for her sister Sara. This quote also shows she is determined. When Chanda states "And head to the local shebeen", it shows that she is truly determined to obtain back the money that was stolen from her Mama so they can afford Sara's funeral. When one is determined to do something, they are certain to do it as they have made their mind. Here Chanda had made her mind that she was going to get that stolen money and support her family. Usually in our society the leader is the parent as they are in control of their child. In this case Chanda was the leader and her family was dependent on her. Literary Devices Imagery: "There she was in her bright orange flip-flops and her secondhand sequined halter top, popping bubblegum and clicking the mouse." (Pg 7) Flashback: "The first day I arrived, I was sitting in my yard feeling lonesome and thinking about running away back to Tiro. That's when Esther skipped up" (Pg 10) Imagery Foreshadowing: "If you don't mind me saying so, you be careful around that Esther Macholo friend of yours. May her parents rest in peace, but I hope she burned their sheets and buried their dishes" (Mrs.Tafa) (Pg 34) ANTAGONIST Symbolism
-Chanda’s father
-Chapter 4, pages 19-20
-Mr. Dube’s character
-Father figure
-Stroke Death Symbolism
-Represents Sara and all the step-fathers
-Worries and troubles
-Faced by Chanda and family
-Poverty Theme Imagery [2] True Symbolism of Coffin
-Characters not directly aware

-Used on multiple occasions
-Examples: Mr. Dube

-Symbolizes sadness, worries, and experiences
-Example: Sexual abuse, loss of father figures Imagery Conclusion Don’t rush your decisions and make them carefully because if you don’t, it will definitely effect you in your future. - There have been so many events that have caused her misery; and that is what the coffin represents.

-This symbol is a part of a much larger concept; it signifies the tragedies and difficulties faced by the characters. Jonah Settings This was the mistake that Chanda's mother made, she just took decisions of marrying anyone that asked her for marrying him, since she only thought of having a place to live in. Critical Question Atmosphere
Ever since Sara's birth, Jonah has been getting drunk almost everyday and although he apologizes to Lilian after he does something wrong, it doesn't change anything. Even with these troubles, what causes Chanda's mom to still be with him? Unfamiliar Words Fluorescent (Pg 1) - Striking Bright
Mortuary(Pg 2) - Funeral Home
Embalming (Pg 2) - To treat a dead body so as to preserve it
Gawker (Pg 36) - A spectator who stares stupidly without intelligent awareness Proof: Iris- Chanda's younger half sister Soly- Chanda's younger half-brother Grandma Thela- Chanda's mama-granny Mary- Went to school with Chanda's older brother

Esther- Chanda's best friend

Sara- Chanda's sister Adjective: Chanda Chanda's Family Context "I shared a one-room mud hut with Mama, Papa, an older sister and three older brothers" (Stratton 9) Chanda lived with her whole family, until their family broke up because of her dad, brothers and 2 sisters death and 1 sister got married. All that was left was Chanda and her Mom. The situation between the family is that they cannot afford to buy basic supplies and don't have a roof to live under because they cant afford it which is why Mama was in a relationship with 3 guys. 2 guys ended up being morons while Mr Dube died of a stroke. Mama was left alone with her family of Chanda, Iris, Soly to take of, she also took ownership of Mr Dube's house as stated "Mama inherited the house".

The situation was getting serious as Mama was struggling to obtain money and now with more kids she is living a tough life. This had a major affect on the protagonist "Chanda" as she had to stand up and take on a bigger role of being more mature and be a leader. Her family mostly depended on her, for example: When Jonah stole the money she was the one who returned the stolen money to her mom, showing she took leadership and brought the money back to her mom. Therefore Chanda's family situation is terrible; Lillian gets into a relationship with Jonah as he has a job and also to pay the house rent because she cannot afford it. The family situation causes Chanda to play a bigger role "Mama inherited the house, which gave us a place to live (...), But there was no money" (Stratton 20)

"I guess that's how Jonah happened. Mama had a house, and he had a job" (Stratton 20) Rest
Peace Chanda's Social Context - Not taking responsibility for the family's needs - Using saved money for inappropriate reasons - Taking advantage of Lilian's bad health Social context means who the protagonist interacts with outside her family. She interacts with:

-Mr Bateman
-Ms Tafa
-Mr Selalame
-Rest of neighbourhood " Most nights, his friends ask him out for a drink. He always goes. " (Stratton 27) " He smashed some plates to show who was boss" (Stratton 27) Quotes from the Text " Mary isn't the first woman he's messed with "
(Stratton 24) Jonah's Personality - Could be described as two faced/complex - Clearly loves Lilian, despite her troubles in the past -He used to cheer up her mood and do whatever was needed for the family After getting drunk regularly: - Apologizes for all wrongful decisions -Never mistreats the children even when drunk - Stops helping around the house
Change in Actions Jonah is Dynamic - Forces Chanda to take leadership over everyone - Had a job and payed for necessities Home Money Basic Needs Withdrawn - Tries to avoid staying in the house " Since Sara's birth and Mama's miscarriages , he mainly just stayed at the shebeen getting drunk on shake-shake. (Stratton 21) Chanda has many interactions with people in her community especially Jonah. Chanda states "But since Sara's birth (...), he's mainly stayed at the shebeen getting drunk on shake-shake" (Stratton 21). The situation between Chanda and Jonah is that there is a lot of hate developing, Chanda does not like the fact Jonah drinks and does not take care of their family. This has an impact on the protagonist "Chanda" because in the real world if your boyfriend or girlfriend isn't with you and instead is out with others, then that relationship won't be positive going forward, in this case even though Mama was mad at him she still wanted to stay with him. This had an impact in Chanda's life because it increased her responsibility because she only had her mom who was helping her and it increased her maturity because she was the one who had to take charge and lead the family, it also affected her because it made her to be more protective of her family Mood:

Sad and Depressing

Happy Point of
View 1st Person Isaac Pheto- Chanda's mom's was hired by him as a maid -Staying away from the problem -Having affairs with different woman The End!!!!!! Discussion Question What is the biggest effect on Chanda's family because of the mine explosion?
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