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New Madrid CNM

Project for science.

Alec Boyer

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of New Madrid CNM

In conclusion we believe that if these programs are put in place we would be much more prepared for an upcoming earthquake. Thank you for inviting us and the money that has been left over will be used for other products and other important needs.
Citizen's Concerns
Search and Rescue
Risk Assessment
Repair of infrastructure
Response is what happens immediately after an earthquake has struck to save lives such as:

Search and rescue
putting out fires
Fixing power lines
7 million dollars to invest in
To save more lives
After an earthquake
Consists of 4 canines, teams of 30 people, and appropriate gear
Recovery is getting your life back to a normal day.
So we are going to rebuild the infrastructure and we will try to get life to a normal day again. 32,000,000 to invest this program in.
This phase is promptly on preparing the infrastructure
Evaluation over infrastructure
Professionals evaluate to keep the infrastructures intact
Our advice is to keep the infrastructures safe for citizens lives to be simple
7,000,000 dollars
Insurance gives money to help when accidents or phenomenons happen
Our advice is to invest in insurance for less money for citizens to pay
Home insurance, life insurance, and car insurance
9,000,000 dollars
This is the order that we will rebuild:
police Departments
Fire Departments
Includes Risk assessment and insurance programs
16,000,000 dollars to fund
We propose an evacuation plan that should be put into place in case of an up-coming earthquake.
6 million dollars
Saves lives
The repair of infrastructure (Roads, bridges, etc.) that were destroyed during the disaster.
By: Jacob Mayer , Business Owner
Alec Boyer ,Citizens Representative
Cody Hollingshead , Homeowner
and Hunter McLaughlin , Home Salesman

Civilian Organization
Earthquake Kits
This is a program to prepare
the citizens of New Madrid
and the infrastructure. Up to 13,700,000 to invest in. This includes the phases:

Train and organize the citizens.
To get citizens ready for earthquake.
5,500,000 dollars
Thank you for inviting us. We are the Citizens of New Madrid (CNM). We are hear to propose our concerns about a possible upcoming earthquake. We are going to explain eight programs to invest in and the money that is involved in investing these ideas. We are specialists in finding people to help in our quest to improve New Madrid.
Some key things we are concerned about if a earthquake is to hit New Madrid are:
Population death count in the area
Key infrastructure
Money involved in all damages
Economy will drop too
Civilian organization
Before Earthquake:
After damages done:
Before Earthquake:
After Damages:
The 4 phases will help these concerns not become involved in a earthquake in New Madrid
Responsible for both before and after
Stores food and water
Very useful for a disaster.
8,200,000 dollars
13,000,000 dollars to fund
16 million dollars and puts peoples lives back to normal.
16 million dollars and puts peoples live back to normal by repairing infrastructure so liven be simple and easy again.
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