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Dante's Inferno "Create your own Hell" Project

No description

Adriana Cardenas

on 24 April 2017

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Transcript of Dante's Inferno "Create your own Hell" Project

Circle One
Circle one is reserved for those who have stolen many items with selfish intentions and with disregard for the well-being of other people or the community. The severity of the punishment reflects the seriousness of the crime. The perpetrators will be punished by being tortured by worms. For the number of objects they stole, the same amount of worms will crawl inside the skin of the sinner. The value of the objects they took will determine the size of the worm. The larvae will travel through the nerves causing them to remove sensations from the offense. Bernie Madoff stole millions of dollars. He took the extra money of the rich people to the life savings from the poor. For every penny he stole would be a microscopic worm inside his body.

Circle Two
Circle two inhabits those who have committed rape or sexual assault. This crime affects victims mentally and physically, thus punishment should be as forceful as the offense. The criminal will be forced to embrace a burning bronze statue representing the victim. They will lift the blazing statue and walk, barefoot, through a road of broken glass shaped like hearts. The hearts symbolize the broken hearts of the victims. The amount of victims the perpetrator raped will determine the amount of statue's the sinner will carry. In this case, one of our founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson will be punished and forced to hold the figure of Sally Hemings, a slave whom he had raped when she was underage.

Circle Three
The third circle is for those who committed crimes against
marginalized groups. This offense is appalling because hate blinds humans and perform senseless acts of abhorrence. The punishment will reflect their inability to see the good in every person regardless of who they are. The offender will wear a wet ball of rope secured with a bandage around their head. The rope will expand because it is soaked. The increase in size will cause pressure to the eye resulting in the criminal’s eyes to pop out of their sockets and they will become blind just like how hatred blinded them. Then they will be forced to serve the groups they oppressed. Dylan Roof would be subjected to this circle and punishment because he went into a Black community church and shot nine victims solely because of their race.

Dante's Inferno Project
By: Adriana Cardenas
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