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Virtual Reality,

No description

William Duhe

on 1 September 2015

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Transcript of Virtual Reality,

Virtual Reality,
An Emerging Market

Yotta VR
We specialize in integrating emerging virtual reality technologies into commercial, industrial, and academic packages

Our developers currently support both student and faculty bases at multiple universities

The biggest challenge associated with VR is keeping up with the expanding nature of both hardware and software platforms.

• Allows developers and engineers to experience and engage with 3D data in a fully immersible 3D environment

• The opportunity to modernize image and branding

• Improves developer attention and efficiency in the workflow process

Oculus Rift
Small tech company
Founded in 2012
First commercially viable virtual reality headset
Purchased by Facebook for $2,000,000,000
Facebook launches consumer version mid 2015

Oculus Rift Headset
Today's Demo:
Multiple 3D, 2D, and textual data sets pulled into VR from Remcom Software

The ability to visualize and analyze this data with novel methods

Novel export functions allowing data to be pulled to Mathematica

Control and manipulation techniques implemented within the VR platform

New Motion Systems and Controls
Offers entirely new methods for users to control their digital devices with advanced motion detection systems.
Impact of VR
Future Objectives
Establish multiple VR research projects and communities

Produce a major partnership with a scientific data visualization company

Work towards a dynamic user interface linking software to VR
Other interesting VR applications include..
Music production

Machine learning & AI

Motion controlled interfaces

Large equipment hazard training

And many more....
Academic Research Areas
Sociology of VR ecology

Psychology of VR users

Physiological effects of VR

Moral and ethical issues in VR

Novel training techniques
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