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nazi propaganda

No description

marika oshida

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of nazi propaganda

Marika Oshida, B-2 Nazi propaganda Reich Minister of Propaganda Radio Magazines and Newspapers Cinema Children Education Rallies and Events Joseph Goebbels was one of the Nazi members who took a high education; he had a doctorate in philosophy. Although he had not supported Hitler at first, he was fascinated by Hitler as soon as he met him. He was appointed to the Minister of Propaganda by Hitler in 1933, and he contributed for the Nazi party until his death. His era was rather mind control than brainwashing, and you can still find it in many scenes today. He committed to suicide with his family soon after Hitler's death even though Hitler appointed him as a next Prime Minister. The radio was one of the most significant tools in the Nazi propaganda. The Nazis took over the radio stations and broadcast the Nazi programmes which encouraged national pride, patriotism, pride in Hitler, Aryan pride and etc... These programmes were listened in other European countries especially in England as "Lord Haw-Haw". Goebbels organized cheap radios and ensured that every household could have them; by the start of WWII over 70% of German household had the radio. They were called as "People's Receiver" and cost only 35-76 marks. Furthermore, the Nazis banned to listen to the foreign tunes. In fact, 1500 Germans were imprisoned for listening to British broadcast. Goebbels banned the Hollywood movies and produced many light-hearted musicals and comedies to promote escapism from the horror of the war. He always payed his attention not to make the cinemas full of political messages. Due to the fact that many famous German actors and actresses left for Hollywood to protest the Nazis, they created new stars who supported the party. Leni Riefenstahl had the biggest role. She was a great actress, producer and director who produced a famous "Triumph of the Will" in 1935. It created Hitler as a god-like person who would save a country. Goebbels built the Reich Chember of Commerce in 1933 which dealt with literature, art, music, radio, films and etc... He also set up a department for newspapers within the ministry and published the "Völkischer Beobachter (Racial Observer)", the official daily newspaper of NSDAP, and "Der Angriff", Goebbels's own newspaper. Both described about anti-Semite, anti-Communism and anti-liberal, and they supported Hitler and National Socialism. Goebbels also published "Germany And You" for English speakers and "NS France-Warte" for German women. NS France-Warte encouraged women to have children and contribute for war effort. Nuremberg Rallies "Triumph Of The Will"
trailer Charlie and his orchestra was a swing jazz band for England sponsored by the Nazi party. They sung popular American jazz songs in English with pre-Nazi lyrics written by the Nazis. The band was maintained until the end of the war. Finally, 26.5% of British listeners had listened to their songs in the Nazi programmes. Charlie and His Orchestra "I've Got A Pocketful Of dreams"
Charlie and His Orchestra Hitler's personal quality Posters The Nazi party craeted many posters and used them as a powerful propaganda tool. Goebbels knew the impact of a visual image and the difficulty to avoid it because posters were put on everywhere. Posters encouraged people to support Hitler, contribute for the war effort, or hate the enemies: Communism and Jews. A red color was often used in the posters because of it gives powerful impact to people. Hans Schweitzer, under the pen name "Mjölnir" produced many Nazi posters Berlin Olympic of 1936 The Nazis used sports to strengthen "Aryan Race"; it exercised political control and prepared German youth for war. The Reich Sports Office oversaw German Olympic, and the regime provided 20,000,000 marks ($8,000,000) for the event. Goebbels aimed to promote the greatness of Nazi Germany to the world with Olympic. The city of Berlin had been cleaned and all signs against Jews were taken off; instead, the city was decorated with beautiful Nazi flags. Their huge propaganda effort brought a huge success. In addition, it created a clear vision of ideal Aryan race:heroic, blue eyed blonds. The Torch Relay The famous touch relay which is recognized as a traditional Greek ceremony still on today was ordered by Hitler. The Nazi broadcast radio report from each step of the route. Berlin Olympics opening ceremony The torch relay in London Olympic The Nazi held large rallies to gain support. The citizens listened to Hitler's speeches and swore loyalty. The rallies were broadcast on radio and gathered thousands of audiences. People felt like they were in part of something important and they were proud to be German. The biggest rallies were Nuremberg rallies in 1933-1938. They also celebrated Hitler's birthday, thanksgiving and Nazi successes. In Little Red Riding Hood Hitler was a savior, and in Snow White he was snow white's father who wanted to invade Poland. Hitler in Bugs Bunny The Nazis in Duffy The Nazis re-fashioned classical fairytales or
captured cartoons to put German children into the Third Reich. Goebbels created Hitler as an absolute hero or savior of Germany, and he also brought a sense of racial superiority to German children. On the other hand, Jews were often became a target of "race-enemy".
They also re-wrote school textbooks to lead children to admire Hitler or understand the superiority of pure blood. By 1937 97% of teachers belonged to the Nazi party and taught racial theory and Jewish problem. The quotations of "Mein Kampf" were often referred into the textbooks. Biology textbook: "Race and Soul" Biology texts reflect racial theory well. It also included the explanations of Nuremberg Laws. The left picture shows some types of Aryan race. The right picture shows the difference of shall shape between German and Jews. Hitler was a powerful speaker and great author. He believed speaking and writing abilities were necessary for the leader. In his speech, he provided what the nation required at the moment with simple, straightforward language to ensure everyone including people who had no education could understand his words. Hitler wrote famous "Mein Kampf" while he was in the jail as a result of the Beer Hall Patch. It provided a basis of Nazi party and main ideas of the Third Reich: racism, totalitarianism, Lebensraum, and a rejection of the Treaty. Hitler's speech Hitler often started his speech quietly and built a dramatic climax with his deep, hoarse voice and powerful gestures. His hair fall forward over his forehead and his face was glistering with sweat. Nazi Cartoons
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