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How To Light a Bunsen Burner Without Burning Your Butt

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Alida Richards

on 23 December 2014

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Transcript of How To Light a Bunsen Burner Without Burning Your Butt

Step 1
Put on your safety goggles
Make sure your bunsen burner hose is in good shape
Goggles must cover eyes
No baggy clothing
Long hair tied back
How To Light a Bunsen Burner Without Burning Your Butt
Step 3
Connect the hose to the main gas valve
Be sure to cover 3 rings on the gas nozzle
Minimum 3 rings
Step 4
Slowly turn down the barrel (righty tighty)
Skip this step when relighting
More space= more air
Step 5
Open the main gas valve
Check for leaks
Hear and smell for leaks
(Perpendicular to the valve is off and parallel is on)
Step 6
Ask your teacher for permission to light the match by holding matches in the air.
Be sure to strike match down and away from you
You may skip this step after you pass the test 😀😃
Step 7
Light the and hold NEXT to the top of the barrel; NOT over the middle of it
If it doesn't light, turn off the main gas valve and ask your teacher for help
When lit, hold match away from flame and blow out
Put matches in can
Step 2
Gently close bunsen burner gas valve (needle valve)
Use 2 fingers
Don't over tighten
(righty tighty, lefty loosey)
Step 8
Open (Lefty Loosey) to change the Bunsen Burner needle valve
If the flame goes out, turn off main gas valve and ask your teacher for help.
Adjust the yellow flame to a height of 10-12 centimeters.
Bunsen Burner needle valve function:
Controls the amount of gas or height of the flame.
Note: Use 2 fingers If no flame, shut off main gas
Click here to see how to light a bunsen burner!
Prezi by… Alida Richards and Meghan Debot
Video… Starring: Alida Richards and Andrea Jakubek
filmed by: Sophie Emerson

Step 9
Step 10
If your flame goes out skip steps 1-4 and start on number 5
Adjust your flame
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